Contra: Hard Corps Hit Points Restoration Hack

Contra Hard Corps Hit Points Restoration Hack is a patch designed to bring back previous gameplay functionality removed from the US release of the game Contra: Hard Corps released by Konami for Sega Megadrive in 1994.

Acclaimed as ‘the ultimate side-scroller’ and ‘a beast of a game’, Contra: Hard Corps sports blazing fast action and nonstop bullet-hell combined with eye catching graphics, explosive sound, and an unforgettable soundtrack common for the gems of its era.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Characters now have three hit points
  • Restored Cheat Codes
  • Max 10 Lives Via Options
  • Debug Level Available

Game Description

Below is a Youtube video of Contra Hard Corps Hit Points Restoration Hack

YouTube video

Contra Hard Corps Hit Points Restoration Hack recovers lost functionality that was present in all version of the game before it was released in the North America. It is unclear why these features were removed in the first place but their return to the game certainly only makes it more enjoyable.

Reimplementation of cheat codes allows players access to all the tools available to make the game a little less grueling.  Jump, flip, slide and shoot thousands of robotic enemies without the inevitable headache of the Western release difficulty.

The developers of this hack have also included the ability for the first and second player to choose the same character model. No more fighting over who gets to play the coolest character.

The addition to the Debug Level into the game offers a place for players to test out the mechanics of the game in order to get used to the feel of climbing, jumping, and firing in any combination. It can be quite useful to familiarize yourself with this due to the game’s pacing and intensity.

Title Screen

The original Contra: Hard Corps title screen remains intact and unaltered in this hack.

Contra: Hard Corps Hit Point Restoration Hack Title Screen


There were no alterations made to graphics in this hack.


In the Hit Point Restoration Hack, players will enjoy increased survivability with three hit points and the ability to start the game with up to 10 extra lives at their disposal.

There are several cheats that have been revived in this hack including ’70 Lives’, ‘All Weapons’, and ‘Level Select’. Check out the available ‘Readme’ file for the hack to see the inputs.

Players can choose the same character in this hack which is a nice addition but in practice I can see why the game’s original developers would not have included this: both players look exactly the same, which makes tracking a real pain; furthermore, each character has different weapons available to them when gathering powerups and both players using the same weapon may be exploitable.


All sounds from the original release of the game are present and unaltered in this hack.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Contra: Hard Corps Hit Points Restoration Hack Rom from here


So is this game worth a try? Seeing as there does not seem to be any good reason for these features to have been removed from the North American release of Contra: Hard Corps in the first place, this Hit Points Restoration Hack stands proud as the superior version of the game that many fans will recognize and appreciate. Players will experience the return of a health bar and cheat codes, elements that only served to make the game more enjoyable and less of a headache. Highly recommended for old fans and anyone who missed out on this gem.

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