Earthbound Halloween Hack : 13 New Bosses

Halloween is supposed to be fun for all ages, but the candy isn’t good for your teeth, and you have to get so many things to throw a semi-decent party.

This Earthbound Halloween Hack game is an exciting way to invite friends over while spending less money and ending up with a great party that people will love.

Earthbound Halloween Hack

Earthbound Halloween Hack is an RPG game released in 1998. The game is published by Nintendo and is the best-selling title in the series.

The latest hack was released in February 2014 by H.S. Earthbound Halloween Hack was created for the Game Boy Color and has a total playtime of around 90 minutes.

Earthbound Halloween Hack is a Rom hack of Earthbound made by Toby Fox. It is one of the most well-known ROM hacks and has become an underground hit, mainly due to its unconventional nature.

New Game Features

This game has been carefully designed and has undergone various evaluations. The game itself has a well-built yet straightforward interface that is easy for anyone to navigate through as no technical knowledge is needed in using it.

It features a world full of monsters and monsters with unique abilities, items, and weapons that can defeat them. The following features include in this hack:

  • New monsters
  • Superior graphics
  • Special Powers
  • New Items
  • Amazing gaming experience

Game Description

Earthbound Halloween Hack is a ROM hack of the original Earthbound by Toby Fox. It’s much more complex than the original Earthbound and has 13 bosses, not just 1.

Earthbound Halloween Hack is a ROM hack of Earthbound made by Toby Fox in 2008. It is a Halloween-themed parody of Earthbound that fully appreciates the original game.

When you start playing Earthbound Halloween, you’ll realize that what you’ve been missing is amazing graphics, catchy game music and a game story so gripping you’ll never want to tear yourself away.

The hack contains an all-new story, new characters, new locations, and many other unique features not found in the original game.

Earthbound Halloween Hack

The game takes place in the fictional modern-day country of Eagle land. The main character, Nineteen, lives in the town of Podunk with his mother, Mary.

Earthbound Halloween Hack

 How are these supernatural events connected? Is there a secret motive behind them? It’s up to Ninten to discover the truth behind all these mysteries.

Title Screen

The game’s title screen is colourful and features the project’s logo at the top, a blue text box with red letters reading “PLAY,” and a UFO that appears in-game.

Earthbound Halloween Hack


Earthbound Halloween Hack on Nintendo SNES features last-generation graphics. Quality is slightly below the Lunar series for the same platform, but animation quality and battle speed are outstanding.


This game was initially made for Nino’s Halloween and then expanded into a complete screen hack. All the evil in spookiness and gameplay that Earthbound can offer.

This game is the story of five children who band together to defeat a universal evil. It is a unique RPG that features a horror theme, with many supernatural elements and creepy characters.

The story in Earthbound is a little different than the usual RPG experience. Earthbound is a more down-to-earth game, dealing with reality instead of fantasy.

The main character, Ness, lives in a small town called Onett with his mother, father, and sister. As the story begins, young Ness is woken up by an earthquake and then heads out of his house to investigate a meteor that has crashed nearby.

After that, he meets many new friends on his journey to save the world from the evil Gigya. A boy and his friends embark on an epic adventure to save their town from an alien invasion.

Join this lovable cast of characters as they grow from kids into mature adults and witness their heroic efforts as they fight against evil Gigya’s, who threatens the universe.

But it’s not long before strange things start happening music that causes plants to grow, a magic yo-yo that repels monsters, a haunted house where dolls come alive, and crazy kidnappings that take place all over town.


Earthbound Halloween Hack is audio-remastered to make the game’s sounds louder and clearer.


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