Final Fantasy Revelations: 3 New Amazing Characters

It would help if you had some time-killing entertainment, but you’re tired of the same old genre don’t worry Final Fantasy Revelations brings jaw-dropping features that you won’t regret after playing. You will be surprised to find out how good this game is. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try the Final Fantasy Revelations game.

Final Fantasy Revelations


Final Fantasy Revelations is an RPG, action, and adventure game set in the fantasy land of Ivalice. The main characters are caught in the power struggle of an empire trying to control the world with dark forces.

The gameplay and storyline have improved, and more characters, jobs, and abilities have improved.

The story features deep character development that impacts the storyline and gameplay. Face your challenges in Final Fantasy Revelations as a mercenary or a knight, like a murderer or a savior. Choose your lot in life in this engaging turn-based RPG.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Amazing New Characters
  • New Lightning Spells
  • New Items
  • Fixed psycho Cyan
  • Lower Case Names
  • New Lores
  • New Icons of Items

Game Description

Zeemis released this ROM hack version of Final Fantasy VI on December 31, 2008.

YouTube video

The Final Fantasy Revelations game features great battles and epic trills. The gameplay is simple yet challenging.

Final Fantasy Revelations

Reach the end of each level by defeating your enemies and by solving the puzzle. On your journey, you will uncover the mysteries of the world and recover your memories.

Final Fantasy Revelations

Players are placed amid war-torn towns and landscapes while attempting to decide which side they wish to take.

Title Screen

The title screen of this game displays “Final Fantasy Revelations” words and a galaxy revolving in the background.

Final Fantasy Revelations


Final Fantasy Revelations feature dynamic battles, customizable characters, and innovative content creation within a beautifully crafted world.

Final Fantasy Revelations has a high-quality graphic style. The cut scenes are over the top and look beautiful. Some of the in-game graphics do not look as nice as the cut scenes, but it is still far from bad, and the environments offer the player a lot of pretty views to feast their eyes on.


Embark on an adventure in the world of Final Fantasy VI with Celes, a young female knight of the Empire.

During her quest, she must make the hard decision to either support or oppose the Empire; depending on her choices, different events will occur and ultimately decide whether she joins the forces of good or evil.

Final Fantasy Revelations is a role-playing adventure game that follows the story of two different characters, a knight named Cecil, who has just been stripped of his position as captain and left to deliver a mysterious package to a remote town.

Rosa Joanna Farrell is the white mage whose job is to ensure that Cecil gets there in one piece.

As you explore the new world and dungeons, you will meet many allies and uncover the truth behind the collapse of Magic.

The game offers a new cast, new locations, and a streamlined version of the Job system from Final Fantasy V. In single-player mode; you can reinforce your party with up to two extra characters.

The game aims to gather allies, survive in both worlds, and work with them to defeat all evil eventually.


The Final Fantasy Revelations video game has improved high-quality sound with new tracks, providing the ultimate entertainment experience.


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Final Fantasy Revelations is here to help get the most bang for your gaming buck. We find you time for those extra gaming hours, so there’s even more time for getting things done.

A quick and easy title that brings together a cast of characters from previous FF entries. The combat system is easy to get into, making for a game that anyone can pick up without investing too much time or brainpower.

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