Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration: Improved Maps

You should play the Final Fantasy 6 Advance sound restoration game if you want a high-quality portable RPG experience or you are interested in mid-1990s technology in gaming.

Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration


Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration is an English version of the Final Fantasy 6 Advance game, a role-playing game (RPG) released in 1997. It was developed exclusively for the Sony PlayStation by Square Co., Ltd. and published by Sony Computer Entertainment – Japan.

A remake of the classic console game Final Fantasy 6, released exclusively in Japan and paved the way for many future sequels.

You can choose between six characters and their combat animations, as well as explore the overworld on foot or in your airship.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Smooth and Better Gameplay
  • Improved Maps
  • New soundtracks remixes

Game Description

Return to the world of Final Fantasy 6 on your 3DS with this collection of striking, high-quality character models and classic animated scenes delivered by the power of touch.

YouTube video

The Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration game is a special edition of the popular role-playing game Final Fantasy 6. Bregalad released it in April 2016.

Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration

It is a standalone version created to enhance and simplify the gameplay.

Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration

As you follow the main story and help with side quests, you’ll learn about Final Fantasy’s colorful cast of characters and visit places like Fabula and Troya.

Title Screen

When beginning the restoration of your game, please set the title screen to original with the “Stage 1” option. The title screen is a remastered version with the latest changes.

Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration


The Visual Works Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration Ltd. version provides players with an all-new enhanced re-release of the Original Game Soundtrack for use in combination with the Visual Works Scene Viewer technology.


The storyline for the Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration game is about one man’s search for his father. Start by exploring various towns, fighting multiple enemies, traveling on a wide variety of vehicles, and engaging in many battles.

As you progress, you’ll encounter new characters, learn more about the kingdom, discover new treasures and meet new people. One day, your late father appears and asks you to adopt his young apprentice.

The two of you set out to find the truth behind your birth and embark upon a journey to discover what happened on that fateful day long ago!

Play Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration as Squall; an elite SeeD member assigned the dangerous mission of assassinating Sorceress Edea. He must then travel a world of sorcery and battle its most potent sorcerer, Seifer’s forces threatening to destroy everything he holds dear.

Alfred and his friends are on a quest to rescue Princess Hilda, save the world from an evil sorceress, and restore peace in their hometown of Fabula. All this is set against a background of legendary characters from Final Fantasy lore like Cecil and Kain.

The action is fast-paced, tactical, real-time combat that allows for completely customizable moves due to the Dual Tech system. Map out your path with square ally AI allies that take turns fighting alongside you.


The soundtrack features electronic renditions of all music from Final Fantasy® VI, except for songs from Final Fantasy II, which retain their original 16-bit versions in this new release.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Final Fantasy 6 Advance Sound Restoration Rom by clicking here


Final Fantasy 6 Advance sound restoration game will delight you with its music and graphics as efficiently and thoroughly as it did ten years ago.

If you’ve played and enjoyed it before but have been unable to play it due to technological limitations, then this is for you. Fans love this game for its deep storyline, deep feelings, and engaging battle system.

Each character has a unique personality and attacks differently. You get to know them!

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