Zelda3 Parallel Remodel: Better Gameplay Experience

There are many reasons to play the game, and one of them, as a shooter-RPG game with Zelda-based gameplay and story, Zelda3 Parallel Remodel is the fun you want to have then!

If you are interested in parallel programming and want to learn something new while playing a game, this is the place to be.

Zelda3 Parallel Remodel


Zelda3 Parallel Remodel is a fan-made game that allows us to go back in time and see what Zelda3 would have been like if it had been for the Super Nintendo AND if Nintendo of America hadn’t meddled with the original.

The Legend of Zelda 3: Parallel Worlds was one of the most amazing games you’ve ever played. It was a fan-made remake of the classic SNES game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and it never actually saw the light of day.

This new version includes fixes, updated audio and graphical tweaks, among other things.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Improved Mechanics
  • Better gameplay experience

Game Description

The Zelda3 Parallel Remodel is a true original. Developed by talented fan programmers, developers, and fans of the series, it is a tribute to the passion of both gamers and creative types of all ages.

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The game engages you with its storyline and the ability to create a truly unique experience using custom maps.

Zelda3 Parallel Remodel

This is an excellent ROM hack that changes the outdated graphics in Zelda 3 while not overdoing it where all you see is a mishmash of random stuff around you.

Zelda3 Parallel Remodel

It is true to the original game Zelda3 Parallel Remodel but tweaked where needed.

Title Screen

The title screen shows the overworld map, but it is a 3D model now. A sword inside the letter Z of Zelda and background shows the snow on mountains and trees.

Zelda3 Parallel Remodel


Excellent, the reflective graphics are extremely well done and quite believable.


Zelda3 Parallel Remodel is a single-player game where you are Link, an inhabitant of Kokiri Village. Your fairy, Navi, wakes you up and urges you to see the Great Deku Tree.

The tree asks Link to curse on him by a strange man named Ganondorf. Then your quest to defeat Ganondorf begins.

The storyline of this game will be like the original, but players can expect some major differences as you play as a character in the Zelda universe instead of Mario.

That’s not all; there are also added puzzles, dialogue, and special items that you won’t find in the original version. If you are an avid fan of the Zelda series and loved playing Super Mario Bros. III on your SNES, then this is an absolute must-have!

Link valiantly fights to save his beloved kingdom Hyrule in Zelda3 Parallel Remodel. Unknown to many, a parallel Hyrule serves as a backup plan for Hyrule in war.

After centuries of no conflict, the evil wizard Agahnim seems to have a nefarious plot against the Hyruleans. It’s up to Link to venture through the dark world and rescue Zelda from Agahnim’s grasp before it is too late!

With gameplay like its predecessors, the story begins when Link is summoned to Hyrule Castle by Zelda.

A link has been turned into a frog by Agahnim and is trying to find Princess Zelda while looking at the overworld map.


Featuring a custom Nintendo 64 soundtrack with both new and classic arrangements from dozens of talented musicians. The sound quality is great! I think when the sound of a bird invades quiet moments, you know that the sound quality is solid.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Zelda3 Parallel Remodel Rom by clicking here


The Zelda3 Parallel Remodel game is ideal if you seek some adventure while working on a project or are simply bored, looking for some fun at work. It doesn’t matter whether you are into games or not. This remake will keep you company until the very end.

Play Zelda 3 Parallel Remodel and discover how great games should be made!

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