Pokémon Battle Fire: 1 Better Gaming Control

Pokémon Battle Fire is an HTML5, cross-platform and free-to-play Pokémon battle game. It takes Pokémon battling to a whole new level and offers a unique experience than the classic Pokémon handheld games or the more recent versions found on smartphones and tablets.

Pokémon Battle Fire


The Pokémon Battle Fire Game is a new game by Nintendo. It features real-time enhanced graphics and an intelligent storyline where your gameplay helps preserve Pokémon and nature from destructive humans.

The Pokémon Battle Fire game incorporates N64 technology to deliver smooth-looking characters, excellent graphics, and new features to please veteran Pokémon gamers and novices alike.

This is the third installment of the Pokémon series, following Pokémon Red and Blue and after Pokémon Gold and Silver.

New Game Features

This edition features many well-known characters from Pokémon FireRed and Leaf Green, including members of Team Rocket and a few new additions.

  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Better gaming controls
  • Improved Characters

Game Description

Anticipation is building for the greatly anticipated Pokémon Battle Fire game hack, released by Concorde on January 06, 2008. This role-playing video game marks the next installment in the popular series in 1996.

YouTube video

Pokémon Battle Fire is a fantasy role-playing video game developed by Akihiro Hino, Game Freak, and published by Nintendo for the Gameboy Advance.

Pokémon Battle Fire

Pokémon Battle Fire is an online game played in the Pokémon universe.

Pokémon Battle Fire

The game is set in a fantasy world where players can catch, train, and trade pocket monsters or Pokémon (animated critters).

Title Screen

When you click on the game from the main screen, a movie-style title screen appears, showing a gigantic Charizard battling Magmar (an orange dragon with flames for wings).

Pokémon Battle Fire


The graphic quality of the Pokémon Battle Fire is not bad at all. The game combines 3D and 2D graphics with a fantasy environment enriched by more minor animations to create a complete experience.


The story in Pokémon Battle Fire revolves around the spirit world. At the beginning of each Pokemon game, your father gives you a unique starter Pokémon, either a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, or a Squirtle.

Your character and their parents live on an island called New Bark Town. Mysterious Pokémon attacks happen all over the island.

An evil team wants to steal all the world’s Pokémon, and it’s up to you to stop them. Discover, trade, and collect hundreds of Pokémon as you journey through this magical land.

The attackers are reportedly led by the three Legendary Beasts: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Professor Elm asks you to deliver a Pokémon egg to Professor Oak in Pallet Town.

On your way to delivering it, you battle another trainer named Lyra/Elio, who gives you their number after the battle. After arriving in Cherrygrove City and obtaining your first badge, you are told that Professor Elm wants to talk to you.

The storyline and gameplay are like those in previous versions; you still travel throughout different regions, battling wild Pokémon and other trainers.

However, unlike previous versions, you are also tasked with creating your character from scratch; your customization options feature dozens of new faces, hairstyles, clothes, and equipment that enable you to make a unique character.


The Pokémon Battle Fire sounds excellent. The sound is clear, and the music makes you feel like you’re right there in the battle.

Throughout the game, you’ll hear familiar music from your favorite TV shows and games.


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It is a more mature twist to the traditional game, yet still enjoying and challenging as its predecessors.

Download the Pokémon Battle Fire game now and reach your goal of becoming a Pokémon Master faster (and more fun!) than ever before.

“Pokémon Battle Fire” is an exciting new game where you can compete against other players from all over the world.

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