Kaizo Mario Bros 3: A better World

Would you like to taste a most difficult hack version of Mario Bros 3? Well, Kaizo Mario Bros 3 is the best option to try.

If you are a gamer, you know that the best video games are not just games. They are an experience. Kaizo Mario Bros 3 Game is an experience you must have.



The Kaizo Mario Bros 3 is a difficult Super Mario ROM hack for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It takes the best from several different hacks and adds in some new ideas of its own. That makes a stand-alone experience. The result is a Super Mario game that feels familiar but holds many surprises.

New Game Features

Prepare yourself for an incredible number of challenges and hours of fun. Many new features include Kaizo Mario Bros 3 to make it more difficult to complete.

  • Devious traps and obstacles
  • Only one life
  • Game restart after you die
  • Difficult 19 stages
  • Faster and smarter monsters

Game Description

Kaizo Mario Bros 3 Game is an all-in-one ROM hack of Super Mario games. It was developed by a famous hacker, Obitus1, in mid-2015.

It’s a classic like no other. Many spare graphics and difficult challenges include in this game.

It’s meant for players who are looking for a challenge. And the gamers frustrate with all the other easy hacks out there. The second (and final) act features some of the cruelest levels in all video games.

YouTube video

Kaizo Mario Bros 3 is the ultimate game for a true Nintendo fan. Create new strategies to conquer this challenging game as you explore 100+ levels of caverns to get the princess.


Players must use trial and error instead of their skill to reach the goal doors, like other 2D platformers, as most levels contain random parts that cause unexpected glitches.


More invisible blocks to enemies placed in insane places, planning is generally impossible.

Title Screen



Graphics of the Kaizo Mario Bros 3  are highly enhanced with so many advanced colors and visibility of objects.


The goal is to hack and kill your way through each level, pick up coins, and avoid being crushed by falling ceilings. Points are rewarded for making it to the end of stories.

The gameplay is like the game Kaizo Mario Bros 3 game. You need to take control of the adventure started by a young man trapped in a cave run out of a master ninja.

These can be done in this game through several levels, each consisting of special monsters, but above all, difficult.

You will use jumps and turtle shields, swords, and other weapons available to the hero to conquer thickly inhabited by various creatures, including dragons, giant spiders, and even magic libraries.

It would help if you went through many flying turtles like dragons and traps on your fall to earth. You can kill them by simply jumping on them or hitting them with your shield.

Green color pipes are how to teleport into other areas in theKaizo Mario Bros 3. Upon them, you get inside, and the screen disappears into a new place underground.

But hey! Sometimes these pipes are trapped with monsters, so don’t trust them as always.

In the 19th and final round, your stage starts in the water, where Mario is swimming through monsters.

After dodging all the monsters, Mario met the dragon boss, who kept the princess in his custody. You can kill him by throwing bombs at him.

After defeating the boss finally, you met your princess in the cave. The princess is already waiting for his prince to come and rescue her.


The sound quality is familiar with Kaizo Mario Bros 3  but with higher quality and different sounds.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Kaizo Mario Bros 3: Improved Maps Rom by clicking here


Why would you want to play a game that takes the difficulty of an NES game and throws it out the window with no parachute? Where your favorite character from the original Super Mario is abused, insulted, and stomped on.

Because it’s fun! But hard it may be, playing through Kaizo Mario Bros 3 Game will give you a feeling of accomplishment like no other. It’ll test your skill and patience, but you’ll soon find out if you’re up to the challenge or not.

Once you’ve completed Kaizo Mario Bros 3 Game, you’ll feel like jumping up in the air. Clicking your heels together while shouting, “There’s no place like home!”

If you have played this game, please let us know what you thought of the game by leaving us a comment.