The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s Challenge: 87 Difficult Levels

 The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s Challenge falls under “fantasy games,”” along with Final Fantasy and Skyrim. The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s’ Challenge is a fantasy game that has been created to be the best of its kind. It is full of thrills and excitement.

You probably do not need a push, but if you do, then Zycloboo’s Challenge Game is the perfect video game for you!

 The Second Reality Project Zycloboo's Challenge


After four consecutive years, FPI production finally made this ROM hack version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The author of the game ‘The Second Reality Project’ decided to improve his game and make it better to grab first place in the list. His enhanced creation is called ‘The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s Challenge.”

The original game was loved by millions of Spectrum users and had a perfect 10/10 score from major computer magazines. The new version will surely stand out in the history of games for sure!

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • 87 Challenging and Difficult Levels
  • 112 Exits to Explore
  • Enhanced Music and Graphics Quality

Game Description

FPI productions released this SNES ROM hack on July 12, 2014.

YouTube video

The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s Challenge game is the sequel to The Second Reality game. Since this game has been released,  re than 70 demos have been created based on its engine.

 The Second Reality Project Zycloboo's Challenge

The gameplay consists of 87difficlut levels full of enemies to defeat. 

 The Second Reality Project Zycloboo's Challenge

The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s Challenge game is a high-speed, special-effects-oriented computer action game for SNES (played on an emulator) with a high degree of customization.

Title Screen

The title screen shows “Zycloboo’s Challenge” and the main enemy Zycloboo haunting Mario in the second reality dark world.

 The Second Reality Project Zycloboo's Challenge


The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s Challenge is a platform game inspireZycloboo’slassical side-scrolling games of the past. The game’s graphic quality has been improved and now features colored sprites, enemies, and tiles.


Mario is awakened from the former Chancellor and imminent ruler of ghosts Zycloboo. Now Mario must clear his castle from Zycloboo’s army to find a way to defeat the one eye evil king like Bowser.

The one eye evil enemy is now on the mission to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario must stop him. Mario now must activate the power switch to open the gateway to Mushroom kingdom from his castle, which he turned off in his recent journey.

In this game, Mario will find a lot of Mushroom bonuses and multiple hidden passageways.

The player progresses through the game by beating levels, preceded by an entry movie. Each level has certain goals to accomplish, whether reaching an exit or acquiring some item(s).

The difficulty of each level progressively increases as the player advances through the games.

The Second Reality Project: Zycloboo’s Challenge is an unofficial PC port of the classic SNES game, The Second Reality, a platformer where your character jumps from wall to wall to avoid spikes and other obstacles.

In the first challenge of The Second Reality Project, Zycloboo’s Challenge proves its worth with puzzle-packed levels and a level editor that is pretty easy to use.

In addition to the main mission in terms of the reconstruction of The Second Reality, there are several mini-tasks in the fangames such as finding hidden objects, platforming and other entertaining sections, a non-linear walkthrough, all completed by 90s home computing and demo scene atmosphere, eye-candy visuals and music in tune with that spirit.


It’s a game, so like games, you’ll find a variety of different music that could include epic compositions, 90s style synthesized music, orchestras, and more. The music adapts as the game progresses.


If you wish to play this game you can download The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s Challenge Rom by clicking here


Downloading The Second Reality Project Zycloboo’s Challenge game means you get an award-winning kid’s digital adventure game with no adverts or in-game sales. More than that, there’s also a character editor and shareable player progression records for your child.

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