7th Saga Redux: 30 Amazing Music Tracks

If you’re looking for a next-generation7th Saga Redux, a classic RPG adventure game that combines all the fun aspects of traditional and card games, then look no further than 7th Saga Redux.

We’ve crafted a thrilling world where your every move can be life-threatening, and every random battle is an opportunity to learn something new about what it means to be human.

7th Saga Redux


The 7th Saga Redux is an enhanced version of the 7th Saga game.

This version of 7th Saga is a direct port of the SNES original; it was made by adding SDL and other libraries to an already running emulator.

The 7th Saga Redux is an updated version of the Super Nintendo Console (SNES) game released in 1993 in North America.

New Game Features

The game includes several new features, including a new storyline, gameplay, and an all-new soundtrack and graphics. The other following features are:

  • Enhanced gameplay experience
  • 30 tracks of original music
  • 16 bits graphics

Game Description

Nati released this hack on July 19, 2013. Step into the fantasy world of Elnard and set out on an adventure to find and collect 7 magical Scrolls.

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Battle monsters, explore vast regions and collect the mystical runes that make up the Scrolls.

7th Saga Redux

Sell the collected runes to villagers throughout Elnard for gold with which you can purchase powerful weapons, armor, and items.

7th Saga Redux

You will have to train hard as six other warriors also seek the Scrolls, each willing to do anything within their power to obtain them first.

Title Screen

The 7th Saga Redux game shows the traditional RPG with graphical advancements.

7th Saga Redux


7th Saga Redux was designed to replicate the original SNES game experience with graphics upscaled to 1080p and faithfully recreated classical midi music and sound effects.


The 7th Saga Redux is a classic RPG game where you can pick a party of seven characters and level them up throughout the game.

As you progress through the story, you’ll fight monsters with swords and spells in turn-based battles similar to Final Fantasy.

The player has control of the protagonist Erik or one of six other protagonists. Like other role-playing video games, characters may improve their experience level by earning experience points through combat with enemies.

Each run aims to gather all seven elemental runes, defeat the seven monsters at the end of each continent, and beat the final boss.

The player chooses from one of seven main characters and can recruit up to two additional companions to help them on their journey.

Each playable character has its ending and distinct stat growth, with some faster than others.

This creates interesting gameplay dynamic as you choose the best combination of characters that would allow you to explore areas previously inaccessible or go straight for your next rune.

When you hit an enemy with a weapon, the game shows your character attacking the left and then showing damage on the screen’s right side. You move from screen to screen in a grid-based fashion.

7th Saga Redux is a turn-based RPG on Ticonderoga, a world with several warring kingdoms. You have 7 days maximum to find the seven sagas that give you additional powers.


The bombastic base-tinged sound effects, awesome atmospheric soundtrack, and enhanced graphics make 7th Saga Redux a must-have game for fantasy RPGs fans.


If you wish to play this game you can download the 7th Saga Redux Rom by clicking here


If a traditional RPG battle system and old-school graphics sound interesting to you, try the 7th Saga Redux game now!

The 7th Saga Redux is one of the best games you can play today! It is epic, exciting, amusing, and worth the minute investment in downloading it. Download now and start exploring and fighting in this amazing fantasy realm!

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