Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure: New 50 Difficult Challenges

If you have played a great game with a similar style of gameplay, but in a Flash-based genre, then Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure is sure to interest you.

Fire Emblem Void's Blitzarre Adventure


Void’s Blitzarre Adventure is a fun and adventurous game to travel through various worlds. Three friends accompany you, and you must fight the evil spirits.

Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure is the sequel to the classic Fire Emblem series and features many popular characters, a new story mode, and more than enough content to keep players coming back for more.

If you are interested in playing an excellent turn-based tactical game, then this game is worth trying. It is not as challenging as some of the other games on this site, but it is still very tough.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • 3D Graphics
  • 6 New Worlds
  • 50 Challenges

Game Description

The Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure was developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo and published by Nintendo. It is a crossover between several Fire Emblem series and the Dynasty Warriors series.

YouTube video

The hack version was developed by Fire Emblem Universe and released internationally on July 10, 2017

Fire Emblem Void's Blitzarre Adventure

Void’s Blitzarre Adventure is a tactical RPG that focuses on strategy and turn-based combat in a world of fantasy and mystery. Direct your units on a battlefield to face off against other enemies.

Fire Emblem Void's Blitzarre Adventure

The game starts with the protagonist, Void, trying to save his friends from being trapped in the world of monsters by the Dark Spirits.

Title Screen

The title screen of Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure is a complete game itself, in which the player moves around the viewing area and attacks as many enemies as possible.

Fire Emblem Void's Blitzarre Adventure


With hi-resolution graphics and characters, Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure is set against a medieval backdrop portrayed with utmost beauty and brought to life with 3D graphics and animations.


This epic Fire Emblem game is one of the most anticipated games in gaming history. The Warrior of Legend will return, and players are invited to join him in a quest to restore peace to the world after a long period of exile.

Fire Emblem is an award-winning RPG with a strong story and tactically challenging battles. Play as the mysterious mercenary Marth and lead your army to victory and glory.

The player controls Lightning and Vaan attempting to stop the Void, with occasional help from other characters such as Snow Villiers, Warrior of Light, and Yuna.

Choose from a roster of fan-favorite characters, including Camilla, Leo, Flora, Cecilia, Elise, and more.

Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure is a fantasy game based on an interdimensional battle between two countries.

It features princesses as the main protagonists and revolves around their relationships with the characters from the other country. In it, you get to control one of the princesses in missions to save your country and befriend the characters from the other country.

A unique feature of this game is that the dialogue can change depending on which other character you are near when you talk to them.

Morden is back, and it’s up to Void TerroDyne (pronounced “terra din”) to stop him. Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure features the most memorable heroes like Flos Fredrum and Irem of

The Purging Legion introduces new characters, including Kyle Regin, a friend who wants to enslave himself in helping others.

Although it is not a direct sequel, void’s Blitzarre Adventure is set in the same fantasy world as its predecessors.

The world is divided into different nations: Altea, Gra, Dolhr, and Bern. The player acts as the leader of a militia that seeks to overthrow the kingdom of Dolhr and destroy Medeus, Emperor of Dolhr, which is bent on conquering the land.

Fight your way through clear anime visuals and orchestral overtones a Fire Emblem world like you’ve never seen. Create your army and battle friends in local or online multiplayer modes.


We did our best to make the sounds like high quality as possible while still retaining a retro feel.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure Rom, by clicking here


You hate when games are too complicated. Nothing frustrates you more.

Then the Fire Emblem Void’s Blitzarre Adventure game is the perfect escape. You will feel at ease and never be too frustrated with this game.

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