Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded : 3 New Saving Slots

Long hours of tedious office work? Not with this game. Fight the boredom away with Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded, just like old times. We’ve got all your favourite characters in there with some rather exciting dimensions.

Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded


The Second Reality Reloaded hack breathes new life into a vintage game. Super Mario World the Second Reality Project Reloaded (or SMW The Second Reality Reloaded for short, is a remake of The Second Reality Project.

It was created by x-136 and supersanick1 (collectively known as Team Supersonic), centred on the Super Mario World hack. Get up to speed with this fully-fledged remaster of Super Mario World, arguably one of Nintendo’s greatest games ever.

Super Mario World the Second Reality Project Reloaded is an unofficial ROM hack of Super Mario World. The hack includes new-level designs, graphics, and a new storyline.

New Game Features

The game has a new world map and a revamped story with a more forceful villain. As well as minor manual edits to the title screen and level transitions, graphical changes have been added to Mario’s sprites/animations, the bonus levels, invincibility stars and other enemies.

  • New World Maps
  • Modified Story
  • Powerful Villain
  • Upgraded graphics
  • New bonus level and transitions

Game Description

First, the original hack was released in 2003 and has gone through several revisions, with the latest one released in November 2014.

The Second Reality Project Reloaded shows off everything Super Mario World offers graphics.

Reloaded’s second reality project is a remake of the most famous SMW ROM hack ever made in gaming history.

Super Mario World, the Second Reality Project, Reloaded utterly overhauls the original Super Mario World game released in 1991 by Nintendo.

Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded

It took x-136r great level designer, more than 8 years, to finish this masterpiece. He began designing this hack back in 2003 when he was 14 years old.

Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded

The lower two-thirds of the game screen displays the playfield, many essential controls and graphical information, and your inventory items.

Title Screen

The title screen is quite a simple one. You see the words   “Super Mario World – The Second Reality Reloaded”

Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded


The graphic quality of Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded is higher than the original SNES game.


In the beginning, Mario must choose a save file. After 20 years, Bowser is revived and wants to take revenge! Start 100 new missions with new enemies and find the 8 portals Bowser is getting his powers.

The story lets you travel through 4 different dimensions, where you must save many characters. The characters from Super Mario World, like Yoshi, Birdo, Wart or his children’s.

A classic title re-born and given more life than ever possible; this is a hack that makes you feel like you are playing something completely new. It has a vast world, full of brand-new levels to discover. Everything about it is polished and fun.

The screen will be arranged for full complementation when you start the game. A typical SMW map screen is below and a large status bar at the top.

The upper third of the screen is devoted to characters (you and your enemies), objects with power-ups or other effects on the play, scoring and a nifty clock counter. 

Instead of having only one chance to get through each level in this game, Mario never gets bounced back into the starting location again.

And if he eats three mushrooms while in ape form, he will become Super Mario and jump higher than any other platformer.

That means it is impossible to fail on any level no matter how many times you go through it unless you are careless enough to fall a pit or get killed by an enemy.

The challenge remains the same each time you play it, but it is less frustrating since you can never get stuck.

The user plays like Super Mario, who travels through many levels of the Mushroom Kingdom, defeating common enemies and avoiding obstacles.

A power-up allows Mario to grow bigger and stronger, more resilient to damage from enemies and enables him to throw fireballs at his foes. Super Mario World The Second Reality Project Reloaded is a graphical hack of Super.

Note: On ZSNES 1.4, this hack will not work. You should better use an older or newer version.


The sound quality of Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded is low compared to what would be expected from Super Mario World. The game still sounds good, but fans were surprised about the lower audio quality


If you wish to play this game you can download the Super Mario World the Second Reality Reloaded Rom by clicking here


Play the fully enhanced Super Mario World the Second Reality Remastered game, brought back from the past with new level and gameplay mechanics.

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