Metroid Mother

Metroid Mother is a compilation hack made up of three major hacks added together, the hacks have clearly evolved over the years from the original Metroid version which was created in 1987.

The hack which has followed multiple developments over the years with its most recent being in 2014,  has aimed at providing fans and lover of the original Metroid with new and modern updated features

Metroid mother game image

Game Introduction

I myself played the original version of Metroid which was released for the NES in the US in 1987. In recent times the game has grown from the old Metroid version by NES to a much astounding game where old fans like me can enjoy most of the storyline with updated features.

Game Features

The present hack of Metroid was released by dACE, but as we noted earlier, its features came from three sources that have existed over the years, these three sources adds their unique features to the grand design of the game. These sources are: Metroid + Saving (v 0.3) – snarfblam, MDbtroid – Infinity’s End and ‘Roidz – DemickXII.

The general features you are to expect are:

  • Extra Battles
  • Upgraded Bosses
  • Updated recurring characters
  • Improvised weapons
  • Remapped scenery
  • New levels

Metroid mother gameplay image


Game Description

This hack compilation is great and it really brings Metroid into the modern age, most times considered to be an awesome version of the Metroid NES. The graphical improvements to the sprites and background look a lot clearer and the animations seem more flexible.

The game involves Samus Aran (with hair change from a brown hair to a blonde hair) taking on different obstacle to meet the main protagonist of the game Mother Brain, who in this hack has been up graded with tentacles. Samus moves through the brick walls to investigate clues and improvise tactics needed to cross dedicated obstacles and lava, with every lava jump giving a power-up.

The new hack is great for newcomers to the game, they can access the menu to identify what weapons and tools are available to them, this is a cool feature which now appears on the display of the game as you progress in the levels.

Metroid mother gameplay image

Opening the game and seeing the lava with moving and stationary flames, water, and even the moving animation on the door are new features that gets both old and new fans on the edge.

The hack, also in the progress of the game tends provide exploration of Samus in her battle with minibosses including the space pirates which you will find unique; the walls are now capable of presenting themselves as movable obstacles with which you as a player can go investigate for more clues and details that are prior to now not permitted by the NES version. Cool experience all way round.

Metroid Mother gameplay image

The massive improvement of this game aside from the new graphics is the beam weapon. Here we have the ability to stack weapons and project both ice beam and wave beam simultaneously, thereby reducing the time to change and switch weapons during the game.

Sadly, the hack was unable to solve the complaint of making the jumps and floats to become more realistic and at the same time reducing the number of dead end in the game outlay.


By now I am sure you are out to try out the hack experience, and I promise you will enjoy the game amidst all its shortcomings, especially for us old lovers of the franchise, this game tends to become irresistible, even if it is incomplete.

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