Super Mario Crossover: Multiplayer with 20 Mario Characters

Searching for that perfect game for all ages? Touched by the big-kid appeal Mario games have and the frustration of not having one you can play with your own kids?

If only there were a game that somehow brought together everybody’s favorite plumber and all his friends. There is now Super Mario Crossover for that kind of fun you want in your life.

Super Mario Crossover


Super Mario Crossover helps players realize the game’s unique gameplay. Through including elements of several classic Nintendo games. The player fights against the enemies in their favorite Mario universes.

The basic rules include jumping on enemies to kill them and picking up power-ups to defeat bosses and mini-bosses. But in this game, you can use different character powers to destroy enemies.

like in the original Super Mario games, you must go through the main levels. You must defeat bowser and his children. There are also fun levels like in a typical mashup game.

New Game Features

Super Mario Crossover is a diverse, unusual, exciting, and joyous Game. With a focus on ease of play and a new approach to the classic Super Mario Games.

In this marvelous experience, the Mario series and many other great classic games come together in one place for an extraordinary crossover game.

The various features of this game include:

  • 8 different Mario Bros Characters
  • 8 different worlds
  • Improved Graphics
  • Enhanced characters features
  • Smooth Gaming experience
  • 20 different levels

Game Description

Super Mario Crossover is a 2 Player fan-made game. In this game, you, and other characters go on adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. There you fight minor Bosses (like Bowser, Whomp King, Giant Goombas, Giant Hands, and more).

You also can play as other characters. A ton of characters will appear here.

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You will see the Adventures in different world zones if you choose to play as Mario. So, explore around! -Remember that you are fighting against your enemy, not with them.

Super Mario Crossover is a nice crossover between the two beloved Nintendo games. Super Mario Bros and Metroid.

Super Mario Crossover

Fight against friends or AI in 4 different game modes – Standard, Challenge, Coin Collector, and Classic-Coin Collector.

Super Mario Crossover

Mario Crossover is a funny, zany, and in my opinion very entertaining side-scrolling platform game.  that features Super Mario, who must battle his way through levels of clones of several other classic Nintendo characters.

Title Screen

The title screen shows a Super Mario Bros. world map, with characters; bombs, mushrooms, and stars visible. The title text is white and the background is blue sky.

Super Mario Crossover Title screen


No, this isn’t just Super Mario Bros. with new graphics and sounds, it’s actually 200% brand new levels and 100% new graphics (done in Retromite style)! There are 11 brand new graphic sets and a dozen playable characters


Super Mario Crossover is a game of deathmatch between Super Mario characters. Play as more than 20 different characters, including the classic Mario, his brother Luigi, Simon Belmont, Link, Samus Aran, Mega Man, Sonic, etc.

This game allows players to fight against one another and switch between multiple characters and worlds with over 20 levels.

Super Mario Crossover is a universal game designed for all game systems. The game plucks elements from Super Mario World and translates them into the familiar playstyle of Super Mario Bros.

With this revolutionary approach, you can now enjoy adventures with Princess Peach and villains Koopa and Bowser!

This game combines characters and concepts from classic Nintendo games. Then recreates them within the Super Mario engine.

For example, the powerups from Donkey Kong appear in this version of the game and are used instead of the mushroom powerup.

Players must collect coins to purchase fruits and upgrades to add more health or better weapons to help fight enemies and bosses.

The ending of this game is just like other Mario Bros games. But there is a difference that no princess in the end game.

You just need to kill the dragon boss to finish the game. The boss throws fireballs and grenades with additionally in Super Mario Crossover.


The sound quality is wonderful. With all of the Mario music, you would think that this game was made for the Wii. If you are a fan of Mario games or platformers, then you should really give this game a try.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Super Mario Crossover Rom by clicking here


You really should play a Super Mario Crossover game. Even if you’re the most daring gamer out there, you haven’t experienced anything like this.

New worlds to save, new characters to unlock all for your entertainment. Or for seeing how fast you can beat it.

Just try it! there’s a reason why millions of gamers have already done so.

If you have played Super Mario Crossover please let us know what you thought of the game by leaving us a comment.