Shin Megami Tensei If English : Enhanced English Version 1.0

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about RPGs or SMT. You’re going to love Shin Megami Tensei If English.

If you enjoy high-quality storytelling, Shin Megami Tensei If English version is for you.

Shin Megami Tensei If English


In this classic RPG for your Nintendo DS, choose to side with law or chaos as you recruit demons, engage in intense turn-based battles, unlock multiple endings, and explore a world ravaged by a demon war.

With all-new features such as fusing items and story elements from Persona 3 and Persona 4, this is the definitive version of Shin Megami Tensei If.

New Game Features

Shin Megami Tensei If English features include:

  • Enhanced graphics
  • Fully translated into English
  • New levels
  • Improved Gaming Experience

Game Description

The original Shin Megami Tensei If, released in 1994, was a spinoff of the main series that came about as a collaboration between Atlus and manga artist Kazuo Koike. The latest version of the ROM hack was released in October 2018.

Play as a high school student in Tokyo and set off to stop the Conception–the birth of demons–invading the world. Make allies with other students and heroes and decide the world’s fate.

Shin Megami Tensei If English is a single-player turn-based role-playing game. This is a remake of the original SNES Shin Megami Tensei game, a spin-off from the popular Shin Megami Tensei JRPG series.

The protagonist soon joins up with Isabeau as they fight demons together. In the game, you can look forward to a breathtaking storyline, the completion of which depends on your choices.

Shin Megami Tensei If English

The story of Shin Megami Tensei If follows a branch of the timeline from the first game. It revolves around a young junior high school student.

Shin Megami Tensei If English

Your main task will be to perform many different jobs and survive, if possible, in such a dangerous world.

Title Screen

The title screen of the game Shin Megami Tensei If English is a picture of elementary school children at a park or playground, and the text is in Japanese.

Shin Megami Tensei If English


The graphics in Shin Megami Tensei are standard fare for an RPG, with good-looking characters and detailed backgrounds.


The story centres around demons and the protagonist’s ability to tame or negotiate with them. Once tamed, these creatures will fight on your side as you delve deeper into the dungeons of Tokyo.

The story starts in the future of Tokyo, Japan, around the year 2030. A demon-worshiping cult referred to as Kagutsuchi has been destroyed, born from a fusion reaction experiment of an international organization called Kuzunoha.

At the same time, an event known as the Conception occurred. Magatsuhi, a concentrated mass of all human desires, is spilled over Japan, resulting in widespread chaos and the strengthening of demons.

Tokyo entered a state of emergency as residents fled from the resulting chaos. The world was thus sent into turmoil.

The student lives in Tokyo, and the mysterious Expo ’70 Commemoration Park appeared after a massive earthquake (the Great Kanto Earthquake) took place in Japan more than 30 years ago.

Neutrality is a thing of the past. The war has begun, and as humanity divides itself into factions, demons start to flood onto the streets of Tokyo, causing death and destruction under the orders of ‘God.’

Musubi Suzaku and a group of young high school student survivors must rally together to survive this demon apocalypse. Doing so will create the fate of all humanity with their choices.

The protagonist begins his journey as a second-year student in high school. He finds himself at the demon castle Naraku entrance and meets Isabeau, a demon hunter, on the way to school.


It received a piece of great music and graphics in combination with its delicious story will help you immerse yourself in the world of this game for many hours.


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