A Very Super Mario World : 8 Imaginative Worlds

You’re a Super Mario super fan but looking for a challenge. You already played the original Super Mario game and its sequel, Super Mario World.

You’ve also played every other game in the series. Now it’s time to face the challenges of a very Super Mario World game.

Yet you’ve grown bored of the same levels, enemies, and goals of the five worlds you’ve seen dozens of times. And while the graphics have gotten better over the years, they still don’t hold your interest like they used to.

A Very Super Mario World


A Very Super Mario World is a Mario platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the SNES. It was released in North America on August 13, 1991, and in Japan on December 2, 1990.

The game builds upon the story of Super Mario Bros. 3, where Bowser has invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and stolen seven-star children.

Players take on the role of Mario or Luigi as they travel across eight worlds to collect the star children and defeat Bowser.

New Game Features

You will feel it the moment the game starts. Here is what you should look forward to:

  • New Mario world copy
  • New environment
  • Whole new challenges
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Background attractive music

Game Description

A Very Super Mario World is an unofficial SMW hack made by David Wonn in 2001. The story and gameplay are very similar to the original Super Mario World.

From the creators of Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, and Star Fox, a completely new title has arrived on the Super Nintendo Scene. This hack version of the game was released on August 4, 2015, by SchwerMuta.

A Very Super Mario World mission is to save the princess from King Koopa’s clutches in this exciting continuation of the legendary Journey.

It replaces all the graphics with Nintendo’s SNES game Yoshi’s Island but keeps the same gameplay. All pictures are redrawn and share many similarities with Yoshi’s Island, but there may also be some parts where behaviour is different.

A Very Super Mario World

This is the fourth time Bowser has kidnapped a Sprixie Princess. With the help of three other characters, Mario sets off to save the princesses from the evil Koopa King.

A Very Super Mario World

Mario and Luigi head to the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool, whom Bowser has kidnapped.

Title Screen


A Very Super Mario World


A Very Super Mario World is the next adventure in the Super Mario Bros. series, an epic journey with stunning graphics and imaginative gameplay.


A Very Super Mario World is a ROM hack of Super Mario World for the SNES, which focuses on expanding and improving Yoshi’s Island. You play as Mario in this game.

The Mushroom Kingdom has been under attack by Bowser, who has entered our world with his giant laser cannon, the Koopa-hater. The evil Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and taken control of the Kingdom.

Mario and Luigi must travel to other worlds to find the eight Star Keys that would help them defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach.

In a very Super Mario World, everyone’s favourite plumber, Mario, has taken on a new starring role as Super Mario. In this super game, you’ll use his many new powers to navigate through worlds with new challenges and secret passages.

There are always threats from Bowser, so be prepared for action-packed gaming from the moment you jump into your first world.

The story of Super Mario World revolves around the quest of Mario and Luigi to save Dinosaur Land from Bowser, the series antagonist. The two brothers must travel across seven worlds to restore order to Dinosaur Land.

They must get through levels ranging from underwater caverns to castles with dungeon-like areas to levels filled with fiery lava and ghost houses filled to the brim with undead creatures.

These worlds are inhabited by dinosaurs that have been transformed into enemies by Iggy Koopa, one of the Koopalings.


Nintendo describes the sound quality of a Very Super Mario World as “very, very high”.


If you wish to play this game you can download the A Very Super Mario World Rom by clicking here


The game has several new gameplay mechanics, such as coloured switch blocks, allowing Mario to shoot fireballs and ride Yoshi.

Why still be stuck in the same old Mario World? Agitate yourself with a whole new Super Mario world, filled with more significant challenges and more difficult platforms.

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