Thracia 776 English : Upgraded Version

Too much of your time and effort has been wasted getting to grips with an outdated version of this classic game. Learn about Thracia 776 English today why you should play. You should play this game if you are a severe Fire Emblem fan or just someone who loves good combat and story-driven gameplay.

Thracia 776 English


The story of Thracia 776 English is an epic tale of the struggle between the good people of Jugdral and the thieving exiles who have taken to the mountains surrounding it to carve out a life for themselves. 

Thracia 776 is one of the Fire Emblem games but was only released in Japan and is a fan-translated game.

It takes place about a hundred years after the events of book one and follows Leif, son of Lord Quan and Lady Ethlyn, great-grandchildren of Sigurd and Children of Light.

New Game Features

The gameplay is like other Fire Emblem games. Still, it features unique mechanics called sub-maps, where you control several units that can be freely moved around an area before getting into further encounters.

Game Description

Thracia 776 English is a translation patch for the Japanese release of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 released in 1999 on the Satellaview, making it the second last game in the series.

This hack version was released on December 24, 2021. This game takes place during the second half of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of Holy War and allows you to take control of several characters from that game and see many of them as bosses or NPCs.

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems. It is the fifth installment in the Fire Emblem series and the second released for the Super Famicom

Thracia 776 English

This is an official English translation of the Fire Emblem Thracia 776 by F E Heroes fan translators. Thracia 776 is set in the same continent as its predecessor, but the main character is different.

Thracia 776 English

Thracia 776 is a tactical RPG developed by Shouzou Kaga, the Fire Emblem and TearRing Saga creator. Like most genres, it looks like a strategy game but plays like an adventure game, emphasizing storytelling and characterization.

Title Screen

In the Fire Emblem game Thracia 776 English, the title screen has a music score as well as a “Start” and “Continue” options. Click on either option to go to the next screen.

Thracia 776 English


Thracia 776 English is part of the Fire Emblem franchise, you can expect a great middle-ground between innovation and the game’s well-established system.


Chapter1 battle of Morox is the first chapter of Fire Emblem in Thracia 776 English. This chapter will also introduce two mechanics that recur throughout the game.

One is Salvage Points, which allow you to buy extra items from the shop using enemy soldiers’ belongings after the battle. Another one is the Fog of War feature, in which conflicts are fought without seeing your surroundings until a character leaves their starting position.

You take control of the Prince of Leinster, Leif, whose province was attacked by the Grannvale Empire. You travel with your remaining troops to get help. And so begins a thrilling adventure.

The game is a bit of an experimental entry in the Fire Emblem series. Not only is the entire story told through cutscenes it also tries out elements such as fatigue and darkness that successfully were eventually put into future games but not so much here.

While gameplaywise, Thracia 776 was a step back from Fire Emblem 4, it had a powerful narrative with some rather memorable characters, making it one of the more popular entries in the series.

Thracia 776 is the penultimate entry in Intelligent Systems’ eight-game long Fire Emblem series. Many fans love it due to its many qualities of life changes, like expanded weapon durability, skills, and even a randomizer for maximizing the fun for replays.

Join Leif on his quest to liberate Northern Thracia from the oppressive Granville Empire. But don’t stop there: as the events of Thracia 776 tie together with its predecessor, Fire Emblem 5 Blazing Sword, you may just end up saving the world after all.


The sound on Thracia 776 English is nothing short of incredible. It’s well-produced and balanced, with a wide variety of different tracks for different contexts. The music overall is quite diverse but retains a particular ‘sound’ that makes it easy to identify as part of the game.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Thracia 776 English Rom by clicking here


Unless you’re a fan of the old Fire Emblem series, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Because this subtitle translation hack completely changes the way Thracia 776 feels. And trust us, it’s excellent.

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