Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition: 27 Incredible Game Levels

When Mario’s names come out, people fall all over themselves in excitement. Play Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition stimulates your mind, provides you with hours of fun, and helps you develop your creativity.

Mario's Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition


Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition is your steady gaming dose of school fun for the SNES Classic Edition console. You must have enjoyed this charming collection of mini-games, packed with a great storyline and solid animation.

Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition is not an updated version of the 2007 game but a new spiritual successor. It still has the same great qualities as its predecessor that made it popular.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Incredible speed run
  • 16-bit enhanced graphics
  • 27 levels of single screen 
  • Built-in timer code

Game Description

Nintendo added Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition on July 09, 2017, by S.N.N. In Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition Koopster makes the gorgeous overworld of the game and Medic for code that’s made it possible to a timer control.

YouTube video

Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition 2017 is a hack of the SNES classic that takes the key & amp keyhole mechanic.

Mario's Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition

Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition ramps it up to 27 fast-paced, single-screen platforming levels with four optional challenge levels included.

Mario's Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition

The Mario must snatch orbs hidden within each stage, and if you’re too late, you’ll leave with a game over.

Title Screen

The title screen shows the black background embedded with stars and the option to play alone or with a friend.

Mario's Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition


Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition game has a very colorful and engaging design easy on the eyes. The background is beautifully designed, the animations are smooth and fun to look at the characters have a wonderful cartoony look. 

Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition is a gorgeous and atmospheric 2D action-platformer awash with striking pixel art visuals.


Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition is a fun and exciting party puzzle game for three players.

Challenge your friends in battle, team up and play together in cooperative mode, or rotate the controller amongst friends in single-player mode.

Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition is about collecting keys and solving environmental puzzles that require Mario to use head and platforming skills to complete levels.

Mario has lost his way on the mushroom kingdom, and your job is to help him and his trusty sidekick Yoshi through 27 challenging levels to find Mario’s missing keys.

Each time you start a level, the game generates different patterns of keys and stone tiles for you to solve; this creates an immense amount of replay value and provides a nearly unlimited supply of the challenge.

You are given a limited number of keys in each level to open all the locks on the screen, but you must also beware of enemies and traps. 

You can take turns rolling the die and moving around the game board. If you roll a number divisible by 3, they go to Big Boo’s Mansion, where they must search for keys inside barrels.

Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition game blends action and trivia for a platforming adventure that uses your brain as well as your button mashing.

Collect gold coins, solve puzzles, and find hidden areas as you search levels on both sides of the screen for escape routes.


Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition has crisp and clear sound quality that allows you to enjoy comfortable gameplay without interrupting anyone else and provides clear sound for an impressive audio experience.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition Rom by clicking here


If you love puzzles, this is the perfect way to solve them all. Unlock hidden areas and discover new ways to play. As you progress, both kids and adults easily pick that up.

Play Mario’s Keytastrophe Rebirth Edition is cheap and a great stress reliever. This edition contains all the family-friendly fun of the original game.

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