Super Dram World: 18 Game Exits With Infinite Lives

If you are looking for the ultimate game experience, look no further. You should seriously consider playing one of the finest games ever created. 

The Super Dram World is a free interactive and immersive game with special gameplay in unique maps. This fun video game will challenge you to solve riddles and puzzles as you complete progressively harder levels.

Super Dram World


The Super Dram World game is a hack version of the SNES  and has become a hit in the speedrunning community.

The hack was created to celebrate dram55, famous for being one of the best speedrunners of Kaizo Mario World.

New Game Features

Some of the general features of the Super Dram World game are associated as:

  • 2D visualization 
  • Unlimited lives
  • 18 exits

Game Description

Super Dram World is a ROM hack created by PangeaPanga on May 25, 2015. Super Dram World game has 19 levels, and they will take you between one and two hours to beat, depending on your skill.

YouTube video

Super Dram World game is a platforming adventure with a lot of thrill and fun. But it’s also a cool beat them up. 

Super Dram World

Players must work together to travel through dangerous levels and defeat bosses to rescue Princess Peach Toadstool.

Super Dram World

You can jump, run, stop enemies and knock off their heads with awesome moves you have discovered on your way. There are no game overs and additional content through secret exits.

Title Screen

The title screen shows a hill and green plants. In the center of the screen, Super Dram World is written in colorful alphabets.

Super Dram World


The Super Dram World game is designed so that the graphics will be excellent full and you can have a better-quality experience. The game features 16-bit graphics and uses Mode 7 graphics and scaling effects.


You will need all your smartness to beat the enemies and bosses that you meet on your way. It is a wonderful game that will give you much fun while playing it. 

In Super Dram World, an unnamed hero traverses a variety of levels to rescue the princess from an uncertain fate.

The levels in this game range from pale imitations of the original Mario worlds to completely original and mind-bending interpretations. 

Players must travel across unique levels and face challenging obstacles and enough powerful bosses to keep the action interesting.

The Super Dram World has a revolutionary new level design, fiendish new ghosts and ghost behaviors, and new power-ups.

There are almost five enemies: Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Piranha Plant, Blooper, and Hammer Bro.

Each enemy has its attack style and will deal more damage to Mario if not defeated quickly enough. When you jump on an enemy, it will be defeated once and for all time.

From then on, you’ll be tested as you slip over ice patches and fall beneath rising lava, all to the tune of a demented remix of the Super Mario World theme.

As you progress through levels, more enemies will appear and become harder to avoid or defeat without taking damage.


It offers great sound quality. The sound effects are intense. It gives a feeling like you are in the game.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Super Dram World Rom by clicking here


The Super Dram World game is an inventive game that will make everyone want to play it. It was built specifically to give enjoyment to everyone who plays it and help people forget their daily problems.

It is super easy to play, so start playing today and enjoy the excitement of the game. The Super Dram World is also a great game for anyone who loves challenging games.

If you have played this game please let us know what you thought of the game by leaving us a comment.