Communist Mario 3

Communist Mario 3 is a smart and nearly impossible ROM hack of the original Super Mario Bros 3 game set in a Communist society where stages have a Soviet-inspired graphical spectrum. Bowser has been replaced by Uncle Sam, gambling is banned, and accumulating coins can potentially affect you!

Communist Mario 3 has the same core strategy and stage design as the original game, but there are a few crucial modifications that make for a totally different experience. When you first start it up, you’ll discover that the color scheme seems to be less vibrant and joyful, with a lot of Soviet red and some cool new Mari threads thrown in.

Communist mario gameplay image


New game features

  • New Color Scheme
  • New Villain (formerly bowser now Uncle Sam)
  • New Life counter
  • New global map adjustment
  • No music boxes and warp whistles
  • No one-up mushrooms


Nintendo released Super Mario Bros. in 1985 as a video game. It’s a Nintendo Entertainment System game (NES). The game is a continuation of Mario Bros. Mario visits the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros.

He must save Princess Toadstool (later Princess Peach) from Bowser while he is there. Luigi can be used in two-player mode as well. Shigeru Miyamoto designed the game. Kji Kond composed the soundtrack.


The game Super Mario Bros. is a platformer. Mario has to sprint through the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool (later Princess Peach) from Uncle Sam in the game.  Mario traverses each level by jumping, running, and walking. Enemies, platforms, and open holes abound in the realms. Mario will perish if he comes into contact with an adversary. He will lose a life if he falls down a hole or misses a jump.

Communist Mario gameplay image

Mario has a number of “power ups.” He’ll grow huge if he eats a red and white mushroom. If Mario is large and he touches an adversary, he shrinks but does not die. A fire flower will appear if Mario is huge and he strikes a question block with a power-up. The fire flower will grant him the ability to hurl fireballs at adversaries, allowing him to defeat them. He will revert to tiny Mario if he is hit as Fire Mario.

Communist Mario new features image

There are four levels in each world. Some of the levels are underground, while others are submerged. Mario cannot jump on enemies while underwater, and if he touches one, he will shrink or die.

Communist Mario 3 is distinctive in many ways than only the coins. The slot machine matching game and the level end incentives have been removed because gambling is prohibited. One-Up Mushrooms have been deleted, and your life counter now increases with each death (reach 99 lives and you are a bad Communist). Music boxes and warp whistles have been removed because warping encourages idleness and music is frowned upon. Bowser has been replaced by Uncle Sam, and the Princess letters have been replaced by Vladimir Lenin quotes.

Communist Mario gameplay image

Overall, it’s a fantastic exercise in shattering the happy, colorful world of Super Mario Bros 3 with the iron fist of Communism. It’s a brutal and inventive reimagining of one of Mario’s most cherished adventures that challenges players to abandon their filthy Capitalist ways… but those bright coins are always enticing!


According to the game’s fan developer, the most significant difference is the inability to gather coins, which in Communist Mario 3 really damages you. The color palette, level facelifts, global map adjustments, and technical alterations have all been updated to allow for a more thorough execution of the concept and aesthetic. Other minor changes have been made to enhance and expedite the game’s flow.