Metroid Fusion: 3D Improved Map

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They say that first impression lasts forever, so Metroid Fusion is outstanding because it can make a player feel very satisfied and happy while playing it.

Metroid Fusion


The game was directed by Yoshio Sakamoto and developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1 and Nintendo Software Technology Corporation.

It takes place shortly after the events of Super Metroid on planet SR388 and features Samus Aran fighting X Parasites, and a new threat called the SA-X, which mimics her archaic Varia Suit.

Metroid Fusion is a 2002 side-scrolling action-adventure game published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance handheld game console.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • auto-map display
  • main computer to access game details
  • 3D map of the entire B.S.L. station
  • detailed logbook

Game Description

Metroid Fusion is the fourth installment in the Metroid series, after Metroid III: Super Metroid and Metroid II: Return of Samus.

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It was released in November 2002 in North America and in May 2003 in Europe and Japan.

Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion is the fourth game of the Metroid series, serving as a direct sequel to Super Metroid and a loose prequel to Metroid: Zero Mission.

Metroid Fusion

The story follows bounty hunter Samus Aran as she attempts to stop a parasitic life form from wiping out the Galactic Federation on a space station.

Title Screen

Metroid Fusion has a short title screen with the following text “Play Metroid Fusion” in white text at the bottom.

Metroid Fusion


For me, the Metroid Fusion game is a fantastic game to play. You can get lost in the story, it’s so effortless to work, and you can relate to Samus Aran’s character. The graphics are great, and there are some very challenging boss fights.


The story begins with Samus pursuing a Space Pirate ship in orbit around a planet from the previous game of the series, Zebes. The ship flees, but not before releasing a mysterious parasite known as the X onto her boat.

In Metroid Fusion, you are Samus Aran, a renowned bounty hunter. Equipped with a Power Suit and versatile arsenal, your mission is to eradicate a deadly parasite known as X from the space station SR388.

The X quickly infects her Power Suit, and she is forced to activate the self-destruct sequence to prevent it from overtaking her entire body. She escapes on an escape pod just moments before her ship explodes.

It is set after the events of Super Metroid and became the first side-scrolling 2D entry in the series since Super Metroid.

Metroid Fusion challenges players to explore an unknown world and search for clues that will help them save the galaxy from a terrible threat.

At times, it seems as if Samus Aran is fighting alone in this battle to save humanity.

The Space Pirates desperately search for Metroid DNA, left behind after the destruction of their homeworld by the Galactic Federation, with which they may create new Metroid’s under their control.

Even one Metroid could be devastating if used as a weapon. The ultimate goal of the Space Pirates is to use an army of Metroid’s to destroy everything in their path.


The music is some of the most fantastic I’ve heard in a video game. It’s not the kind that gets in your head, but it would be nice if you could remember them a little better.


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Nowadays, there are plenty of games for players to choose from. If a match is similar to another game, both will be rivals or enemies forever since the birth of the gaming industry.

The game follows from where the previous game, Super Metroid, ended and was released in 2002. We don’t want you to wait any longer in pain or with doubts. Play Metroid Fusion today!

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