Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz: Wonderful 15 Stages

When you finish playing games, you often think, “That was fun,” but it’s usually because of the storyline, like a movie.

Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz is based on the Sonic games created by Sega and Sonic Team. I can say that this game is one of the best sonic games I have ever played; it has excellent graphics and a superb storyline.

Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz

The Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz game is genius in an incredible gaming world. It features Sonic the Hedgehog’s character, searching for his gang to bring them joy as they turn on their cute and powerful adventures.

The game’s purpose is to find The Chaos Emeralds, which are any different types of gems that can be your only source of getting to the main goal!

The story mode puts you into the shoes of Sonic or one of his friends, whereas the challenge mode allows you to gather Chaos Emeralds.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Improved Graphics
  • Enhanced Gameplay Experience
  • Story Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • 15 new stages
  • 25 new challenge modes

Game Description

The Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz game is a 2D retro platformer.

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According to the storyline, Chaos Emeralds have been scattered throughout time and space, and you play as Sonic with his friends (Amy, Cream, Knuckles, and Tails) to collect all seven of the Emeralds before Doctor Egg man does.

Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz

The multiplayer mode in Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz lets you race against others using any of the game’s many vehicles.

Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz

The addition of two new characters, an incoherent storyline, and ripped-off elements from Mario and Kirby indicates a complete loss of any desire whatsoever to be creative or innovative.

Title Screen

The Title Screen in Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz is awesome and cool to see because if you (A player) wait while the SEGA logo is displayed.

Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz


The graphics quality of the Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz game is excellent compared to other games in the same genre. The most important part of this game is its fast-paced gameplay that gives you a sense of speed and excitement.


The story begins with an evil scientist named Dr. Eggman, who has escaped from prison using a powerful machine to generate entire worlds at his whim.

In his quest for world domination, he captures some animals and turns them into robots called “Badniks.” The player controls Sonic, Amy Rose, Knuckles Echidna, and Tails as they try to stop Eggman from conquering Mobius

In Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz, Dr. Eggman has once again converted an entire amusement park into a strange mix of robots and rides. This time, he’s used Chaos Emeralds to harness the power of a mysterious “Soul Gem,” and he’s seized Cream the Rabbit.

Armed with new moves like the Rolling Combo, Sonic and friends Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream must work together to restore freedom to the land.

On top of that, nearly everything else wrong with the last Advance has been left unchanged in Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz.

Jump into your Submarine robot and fight enemies underwater. Go up against it on the final boss showdown, then unload a Mega-Sonic Blitz attack to take him down with a BANG! Good luck and happy gaming.


The game sounds great and brings the player’s imagination to life in a very natural way.

On the one hand, some of the tunes are pretty catchy and fun to listen to, and on the other hand, some tend to get annoying when you hear them over and over again. The game’s sound effects aren’t anything special either.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Sonic Advance 3 Extreme Manseckz Rom by clicking here


If you like speed, challenges, and competition, this is the perfect game for you. The graphics are better than the rival offerings, which means the action is more intense and smoother than ever before.

There is also the bonus of playing with friends and let’s not pretend that you don’t love that!

If you have played this game, please let us know what you thought of the game by leaving us a comment.