Mother 25th Anniversary  

The Mother 25th anniversary is a hack of the original Mother game; it was released by DragonDePlatino in 2014. This hack gives a great experience to individual players both old and new, ready to revive their love for the original Mother game.


Game Introduction

The hack is still set along the same storyline as the original Mother game with notable improvements to both the characters, bosses and the general interface of the game. The game, set in the overworld with bosses upgraded guarding a cemetery while awaiting you the player to engage in a fearsome battle to get access to the next level.

With incredible graphics to grant you the adventurer’s vibe necessary to keep you stock from one level to another till the end of the game.

Game Features

The Hack by DragonDePlatino is equipped with major features that causes the game to give an awesome experience for the NES version of any game in this time and age. The bulk of the original storyline was maintained and the graphics became way cooler.

The significant features to be noticed are as follows:

  • Better Graphics
  • Complex Bosses
  • Higher weapons
  • Way cool outlay
  • New levels and scenes
  • Challenging tasks

These new features might not seem much, but the hack was not meant to be a remake of the game, but to improve on the previous original version for there to be a reminder of the original Mother lovers, and also encouraging new players to engage in the game with a promise of having the original experience of the game.

Game Description

In this hack, DragonDePlatino ensured that every single enemy sprite and titles were all completely redrawn from scratch to be more faithful to the original clay models used to great effect in the original game. This general remake of the sprite character and the bosses in the hack makes the experience for old players way cooler than expected.

When I played the game, I was poised to notice that the storyline was basically in check just with magnificent twists due to the improvised outlay and the navigation bar and menu.

But, aside from these minor changes, the game was still quite foretelling for old players. Some of the changes were purposely made to be far more silly or quirky looking, together with things such as the title screen were adjusted to be more appealing to the eyes of new players and incredible in the eyes of old players.

The overworld from MOTHER has been adjusted, remodeled and redesigned to be less repetitive and shallow, while also ensuring the player doesn’t get lost along the way trying to be accustomed to the new design of the menu and its Improved features.

The hack possesses more scenery and other specific areas not present in the original Mother, with aims to give the game a much more colorful look that is charming to the players and respectful in its own magnificent way. Areas such as Duncan’s Factory were also adjusted to be less confusing, while areas such as the Cemetery and Snowman have been expanded but unchanged.

Here also, the enemies have slightly more experience points and money dropped upon being defeated, as well as the enemy encounter rate being calmly adjusted to be less annoying.

Game Conclusion

The game is a great experience for any lover of the original Mother, once I heard about the game, I quickly went to get the hack and see for myself. It  was really satisfying to me to revive my passion for the game itself; I found on the new hack every things that made me love the game in the first place coupled with present day expectation of an adventurer kind of game.

Do well to share your thoughts after you must have tried out the game.