Fire Emblem Midori English Translation: 1 Improve Battle System

After playing the (original) Japanese version of Fire Emblem Midori English Translation, if, like us, you couldn’t wait for the US release to get your hands on the Fire Emblem Midori English Translation game, then there is another option.

Fire Emblem Midori English Translation


In the Fire Emblem Midori English Translation, you play Marth, a young prince searching for glory on the battlefield. As in the original Fire Emblem games, first released in 1990 for Nintendo’s Famicom, you must visit various castles and towns during Marth’s journey to save the kingdom from impending doom.

In December 2017, the Fire Emblem Midori English Translation team made the game’s ROM files available for download. Now anyone can play this awesome game with a translation patch that is faithful to the original Japanese version!

The Fire Emblem series combines the best strategy and role-playing games: an epic sword-based storyline and engaging character development.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Improved Battle System
  • Superior Improved Graphics
  • Excellent Storyline

Game Description

Midori English Translation game is the classic game from GBA.

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Other than minor tweaks to gameplay, such as removing random battles and adding a support system based on the strength of your relationships with other characters, much remains the same.

Fire Emblem Midori English Translation

The Fire Emblem Midori English Translation is an entry into the world of Fire Emblem fans looking to port the grand strategy and RPG title to English faithfully.

Fire Emblem Midori English Translation

FEHM follows Marth and company as they try to save Tellius! FEHM has been translated, making it easier for us to continue to bring you various new chapters in the future!

Title Screen

On the title screen, a character explains the basics of sword fighting. The narrator asks, “I have played role-playing video games before.

Fire Emblem Midori English Translation


Improvements in graphics performance mean enhanced visuals and visual impact. With crisper-looking character art and more detailed environments, the Fire Emblem Midori English Translation game continues to provide a more visually beautiful experience.


Thirty years ago, in the realm of Askr, a demonic evil lord named Zephiel sowed chaos and used his soldiers to invade towns.

Strategically located to the West of Askr, the country of Jugdral is home to the Askren army, led by the young prince Eliwood. Fierce battles between Askr and Jugdral consume Tellius.

During these battles, the Midori family is thrown into danger when their daughter, Midori, sneaks out of the house without permission.

Agreeing to help the prince who assassinated his father, Hector, is his closest friend and teacher, Eliwood. Since he cannot glance at Midori as if she were a prize, she eventually joins him in battle.

Together with Eliwood and Hector, they face their foes on the border of Lycia.

In the Fire Emblem Midori English Translation, Midori is a low-level physical fighter sent out on a desperate mission by his teacher, one that will ultimately save both the world and his life.

When the war against the kingdom of Laguz Alliance breaks out, Midori finds himself in an elite military unit named the Laguz Raiders.

Not only must he master his new fighting techniques, but he must also now learn to understand and gain respect from their leader, Clair. This action-packed story is peppered with charming characters and compelling missions!

Players embark on a quest to save their homeland, their world, and the girl they love.

Note: However, be warned that the game is entirely Japanese apart from a few character names.


Although the Fire Emblem Midori English Translation game does not have outstanding sound quality, the primary sound effects are pleasing. A decent match for the speed and the heavy character choices.

The music is where it shines brightest, however, being simply sublime and fitting to each map quite well indeed.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Fire Emblem Midori English Translation Rom by clicking here


Uncover this mature world game that tells us a sweet story of love and war while fighting each other and enjoying dynamic turn-based strategy combat.

It would be best if you had something more challenging. It’s time for a challenge. Play Fire Emblem Midori English Translation as soon as possible!

If you have played this game, please let us know what you thought of the game by leaving us a comment.