Super Metroid Arrival: 120 Different Missiles To Try

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Super Metroid Arrival


Super Metroid Arrival is the third installment of this classic Nintendo series, released in 1994.

Super Metroid Arrival is a survival-horror first-person game based on the Super Metroid universe. Image yourself as Samus Aran, trying to escape from the planet Zebes.

In this adventure/strategy game, the player tries to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles presented before them to get through the story.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • classic weapon upgrades
  • speed-boosting morph ball mode
  • invincibility-granting power bombs
  • Improved graphics and gameplay experience
  • 100+20 missiles and super missiles, respectively
  • Various Suit and Boot Items

Game Description

Super Metroid Arrival is an action-adventure game where players control Samus Aran from a side-scrolling perspective.

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Super Metroid Arrival is an action-adventure game part of the Metroid series.

Super Metroid Arrival

The gameplay and storyline are like previous games in the series. Still, there are several significant enhancements to the game, most notably, the addition of Samus Aran’s ability to use a variety of missiles.

Super Metroid Arrival

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Title Screen

The title screen of the Super Metroid Arrival game shows an image frame with the title ‘Super Metroid’ against a black background.

Super Metroid Arrival shows the title screen of the 1994 Super Nintendo video game by Nintendo.

Super Metroid Arrival


The Super Metroid Arrival game has graphics rendered in Konami’s ‘Silent Hill’ series, with various light sources to bring out the atmosphere.

The graphics are made up of 3 layers: a foreground fog layer, a background wall layer, and an interactive layer that allows the player to interact with the various objects.


Super Metroid Arrival is a first-person shooter video game in which the player controls protagonist Samus Aran while navigating through an abandoned space compound.

Meteoric activity at Planet Zebes has caused scientists to fear that the Space Pirates are making their return to the planet.

Samus Aran must now return to this dangerous world to prevent the pirates from harnessing the deadly power of the Metroid, space creatures with explosive capabilities.

Your mission begins on planet Zebes’ surface, where you will need to travel through cavernous terrains and overcome or evade a variety of dangerous alien species. You will eventually find the entrance into Brinstar, the underground vegetation zone of Zebes.

There you will encounter dangerous predators such as Spore Spawn, giant worms that can swallow anything in their path, Zebs’ mini-boss Kraid, and Ridley, who you may recognize as Samus’s nemesis from previous missions.

The main gameplay consists of shooting enemies and solving puzzles to unlock doors.

You’ll experience tight controls and a smooth frame rate within the first few levels. You’ll quickly notice that the controls are responsive enough for you to jump, shoot, and evade danger without being too sensitive for precision shooting.

The Metroid, a parasitic lifeform that feeds on the victim’s energy, tries to hatch and consume Samus before moving on to its next victim.

The game has been critically acclaimed for its graphics, sound design, and engaging gameplay.

Based on science fiction elements, the storyline features a space bounty hunter named Samus Aran traveling through various planets searching for a Metroid and a starship pirate named Ridley.


The low tones of the music were tremendous, and the high ones were great too. There was very little discoloration, and the voice quality was also superb.

The music wasn’t as sharp as it is on contemporary games or even modern CDs for that matter, but it was still very good.


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The Super Metroid Arrival game is not just another game, and it’s a piece of gaming history that you can play on your computer or mobile device.

While playing, you will find that this game offers an astonishing number of features for an old game. You will be able to complete the game’s objectives and get hours of fun in the process.

If you have played this game, please let us know what you thought by leaving us a comment.