Super Metroid Paddle : 2D Graphics

Are you looking for the ultimate sleek hard-shell Spinner with a sophisticated Super Metroid Paddle? It’s the only thing gamers talk about. They love to argue over nostalgia vs innovation. You can’t win.

Play Super Metroid Paddle (it’s new, not a remake) and see if you agree with their opinions. The Super Metroid Paddle is one of the essential items in Samus Aran’s arsenal.

Super Metroid Paddle


It’s the most unlikely game ever to come along. Super Metroid Paddle is a 3D paddle-ball game in the popular Metroid universe.

The Super Metroid Paddle stylized interface and all-new ball physics make it as fun to watch as it is to play as you battle Mother Brain and her minions of evil Metroid’s across all four corners of the planet Zebes.

Super Metroid Paddle is a 2D adventure platformer. The players control a female bounty hunter named Samus Aran, who travels to a planet called Zebes to retrieve an infant Metroid creature stolen by the Space Pirates, an advanced group of pirates.

New Game Features

This hack version includes the exclusive features:

  • Latest graphics
  • Level new interface
  • Enemies’ movement speed and developmental changes

Game Description

Super Metroid Paddle is a platform, adventure, and action game. Super Metroid Paddle is a single-player, 2D action-platformer video game.

This hack version of the original Super Metroid was released on November 12, 2013. The original game was developed by Nintendo in 1994 and is the third installment in the Metroid series.

In Super Metroid, players take on the role of bounty hunter Samus Aran, who crash lands on planet Zebes after pirates possessed by parasites attack her ship.

What begins as a mission to rescue the galaxy’s last Metroid from the Space Pirates becomes a heroic battle to uncover the secret behind Metroid’s past.

Super Metroid Paddle

Experience the epic adventure as Samus Aran’s most significant challenge in this Game Boy version of the Super Metroid with a new feature that lets you use the paddle controller for more precise control.

Super Metroid Paddle

The epic and legendary classic returns. This legendary game, Super Metroid, is the third and last installment after “Metroid” and “Metroid II: Return of Samus.”

Title Screen

Super Metroid Paddle is a port of the game Super Metroid. Its title screen is one of many in the Metroid series, and it resembles those in the previous series. The background is a red wave-like pattern, with a black and red logo for the game in the upper left corner.

Super Metroid Paddle


Super Metroid Paddle is unique in its class. It is the best and most popular retro game available on the market. The images are super HD.


A few years have passed since Samus Aran destroyed the Metroid hatchling and Mother Brain on Planet Zebes.

During this time, Galactic Federation scientists began researching the last surviving Metroid from Samus’ previous mission, if they could harness its potential as a weapon against the Space Pirates.

But when the Space Pirates attack the laboratory and kidnap the infant, Samus must return to planet Zebes to find it.

She ventures deeper into the abandoned underground base of the Space Pirates. She comes across strange alien life forms and broken-down machinery, along with signs of an energy source with distinct similarities to Phazon.

She soon discovers that this energy source is derived from a deadly new organism known as X Parasites. The life forms possess the space pirates after Samus captures a specimen for further testing.

When she arrives on Zebes, the space pirates have used their newfound powers to revive Mother Brain.  Advance artificial intelligence that remained functional after the first encounter with Samus Aran.

Mother Brain then takes control of the parasites and uses them to seize control of Zebes’s natural resources while eliminating all life forms living there. At the same time, he was traversing through the different areas of Zebes.

Samus collects several power-ups that allow her to access areas she was previously unable to reach.

These include powerbombs, which create massive explosions at a short-range; morph balls; which turn Samus into a ball; hi-jump boots; which allow her to perform long jumps; energy tanks, which increase the number of hits she can withstand before dying; and others.


Super Metroid Paddle is a great game that has a lot of unique sound effects in it. If you are into old games, then this is worth checking out.


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If you should decide to get into real video games and play some classics, be sure to get your hands on this Metroid. It will offer you a unique take on exploration, backtracking, treasure hunting and mastering of skills.

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