Mega Mario World Another Universe: SML2 Destructive Submarine

Play Mega Mario World Another Universe where you can discover hidden levels, jump off ramps, avoid being crushed by blocks, save Princess Toadstool and meet up with other famous Nintendo characters. Everyone else is playing that shoot them up game where you just run and shoot everything in sight, and you want something more challenging. Mega Mario World Another Universe


The Mega Mario World Another Universe game is a colorful 2-D adventure experience with added motion control and a new storyline, characters, and powerups.

This open-world game features all the adventures of a classic Mario Brothers experience with new enemies, including Mega Bowser, King Boo, and hundreds of new levels. Explore the power of the Chaos Star and defeat all the evil!

Explore moving platforms, hidden traps, secret bonuses, and more on your journey to save Princess Peach! Inspired by a new age of NES homebrews and associated nostalgia, our loyal designer at Pixel has created this highly engaging retro-themed Mario™ title.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Amazing 8 Worlds to Explore
  • Saturated Difficult Levels
  • SML2 Submarine
  • Customized GFX
  • Enhanced Status Bar

Game Description

Yoshi3706 is the author of this ROM hack version of Mega Mario World Another Universe in the SNES category, released on June 30, 2018.

YouTube video

Mario is back in Mega Mario World, Another Universe, and ready for a new world of adventure.

Mega Mario World Another Universe

This platformer game offers side-scrolling action with a few twists, including an alternate version of Mario with different abilities and compatibility with 2 games that offer added fun.

Mega Mario World Another Universe

It’s time to grab that princess from the clutches of Bowser! Travel through a new world map with all the features of classic Mario games

Title Screen

The title screen of Mega Mario World Another Universe focuses on the main character Mario. This character is featured in a scrolling landscape as an homage to Super Mario World.

Mega Mario World Another Universe


The Mega Mario World Another Universe game does come in digital form and has blockbuster graphics much like cartoons and animation.


In this game, Bowser kidnapped Yoshi and Princess Peach. A mysterious black Yoshi attacked Mario, but Mario survived this time.

Mario dodged the attack of black Yoshi but was later captured by Bowser Koopa’s and then kept in the castle. Mario escaped from the Koppas, and now he must find the Bowser and defeat him and set free all his friends, including Princess Peach.

Mario is far away from his home now; he must defeat all the enemies with his superpowers and rockets from planes and many more new destructive items.

The game Mega Mario World Another Universe takes place in two separate universes, namely the real world and the anti-universe. A group of three people called the Triad of Evil wants to destroy both worlds.

To stop them from doing so, Mario and their friends must go through various levels in each world to access the final battle.

The game levels are more difficult, involve more luck than skill, and focus more on challenging the player than the story. The gameplay includes all-new worlds and characters from Mario’s’ history that never made it into the game.

The ending to the game is very different from the original Mario Bros., which makes for a unique gaming experience for players.


It features fun games, all-new levels, powerful sound effects, and alternate universes that will challenge you to the core. A great game for fans of 8-bit Nintendo games looking for a new challenge.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Mega Mario World Another Universe Rom by clicking here


The Mega Mario World Another Universe is a new game that addresses your frustrations head-on with better graphics, better powerups, smarter AIs, and more fun than you can imagine!

With high-definition graphics and unparalleled fun levels, Mega Mario World Universe is gripping and impressive. What’s more, it has numerous levels and hours of playtime.

Try this challenging new game where you have to defeat all your opponents to become a champion!

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