Luigi’s Chronicles 2: A Beautiful world of Stories

Don’t you want to play a game full of enemies the world over melting lava? I hope you do have an interest in those kinds of games.

Let’s dig a deeper dive into the world of stories with Mario saving his princess from the cruel demon.

Luigi's Chronicles 2


Luigi’s Chronicles 2 Game is an action-packed game with new characters, enemies, and bosses.

Different Levels occur in a new location: The Underworld, filled with lava. You can now play as Luigi, who has a completely different set of moves from Mario!

New Game Features

Luigi’s Chronicles 2 is a Multiplayer game for people who have both the Super Nintendo and the Wii.

With strategies never imagined with act l video games in the underground. You get to see Luigi’s opposite point of view regarding stunts and challenges.

With friends or by yourself, Luigi’s Chronicles 2 is a great way to spend some quality time.

The game comes with various features, including:

  • 5 different worlds
  • Flying demons
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Difficult Levels

Game Description

Join Mario and Luigi to save Princess Peach from Bowser and Bowser Jr. Save Princess Peach. With the help of new ally heroes like Toon Link, Bayonetta, Corrin, and Inkling Girl.

Luigi’s Chronicles 2 is an independent video game designed for the PC released in September 2010. It is a remake of Nintendo’s Mario Bros 3 game made in 1985.

The game features Luigi as the main character. The music creates a wonderful atmosphere of childhood nostalgia glorifying the old days.

There are 5 different worlds with 18 levels in Luigi’s Chronicles 2. Each group contains more difficulty levels and monsters.

YouTube video

Play as everyone’s favorite brother in Luigi’s Chronicles 2. This is the sixth title of the acclaimed sequel series.

Luigi's Chronicles 2

Luigi’s Chronicles 2 Game is a game of action and adventure combined. A whopping 18 levels await as Luigi battles through haunted mansions old ships. Spooky mansions and more in his quest to rid the area of evil ghosts and ghouls.

Luigi's Chronicles 2

The game features a new mode on Mario called 2 players. Two players can play with the same computer or on separate computers.

Title Screen

The title screen is beautifully designed with an upgraded Super Mario Bros 3.

Luigi's Chronicles 2 title Screen


The floor tiles and bricks are changed from their original version to highlight new features. Enhanced graphics increased the gaming experience of every player.


You’ll play new levels in a whole new story with fresh gameplay. The twist that will have both long-time fans and newcomers flipping.

It’s not just about jumping; Luigi will penetrate the castle walls, sneak around the side passages, and use his head to uncover secrets.

Luigi’s Chronicles 2 Gameplay consists of a large variety of different Skills(moves) ranging from Walks, Jumps.

Luigi also has a large collection of Power-Ups. Using these skills would help to get to the end in most levels.

You don’t have any powers in this game, but you only must dodge monsters. You can turn yourself into a mummy when flying nightmares come near you to defeat them.

Luigi’s Chronicles 2 continues the Luigi’s Quest series, where Luigi is the hero, and Mario takes a step back.

You play as a long-lost twin brother to Mario, who is forced to fulfill your brother’s quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

He needs six of the seven-star pieces to open the portal leading to other worlds. The final piece is still sealed and protected by its keeper.

The keeper jumps on you everywhere you move. The jump causes the earth to break down into portions.

It would be best if you kept consistent in dodging those jumps. At last, the dragon breaks the earth and falls in the law.

Now you freed your world, and it’s the moment you go to the cave and save your princess. What a happy ending after so many difficulties.

There are two main game buttons, “Town” and “World,” which feature general gameplay options and access to other aspects of the game.


Luigi’s Chronicles has been developed for optimal sound quality. Test Luigi’s Chronicles for yourself and prepare for a 3D audio experience


If you wish to play this game, you can download Luigi’s Chronicles 2: A world of Stories Rom by clicking here


You will love Luigi’s Chronicles 2 game if you like platforming games. The unique and difficult levels give you the freedom to explore and complete missions. In comparison, the simple controls allow you to execute complex moves with ease.

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