Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd: 240 Difficult New Tasks

Do you know what’s better than playing games? Finding games, you love! Or finding Pokémon? And that’s what the Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd game gives you. Every twist, every turn will be new, not just because of the game, but also because this version is like no other before it.

Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd


The Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd game is the next high-definition adventure in the Pokémon universe, designed for the Nintendo DS system.

It’s the first Pokémon game to be packed with all the ultra-fun of the series (including Pikachu and Rayquaza), but this time players get to explore an entirely new region: Hoenn.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • 240 Challenging Tasks
  • 16 Different Species Villain
  • Improved Graphics
  • Enhanced Gameplay Experience

Game Description

Experience the unique adventure of Pokémon in a whole new light with the Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd game.

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You’ll explore several pocket regions in the Land of Sinnoh and face off against the infamous Team Rocket.

Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd

Battle new wild Pokémon, battle gym leaders and elite four members, and shop for particular items. The adventure is just beginning.

Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd

This augmented reality game takes you to the unknown Kalos region, where you, as a Pokémon Trainer, must help its legendary creatures grow and evolve into powerful Pokémon.

Title Screen

The title screen show will be different in each region. In Japan, it was the opening movie from Pokémon: FireRed and Leaf Green, while in America and Europe, the show will be a combination of both.

The opening movie from Pokémon: FireRed and Leaf Green were used for all regions except for Europe because there is no way to play Pokémon Emerald in Europe.

Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd


The graphics quality of the Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd game is excellent. While not second to the DS games, which have high-end PSP graphics, the 3D is not shabby and goes well with this game.

Everything from characters to objects is evaluated with detail while still keeping the quality of a cartoon.


Playing on their Nintendo DS systems, players can explore a whole new set of fantastical adventures as they embark on an epic voyage with Pikachu as their trainer.

The Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd game’s storyline centers around Professor Oak, helping players train any number of Pokémon.

The game takes place in the Route 101 region, where players can overcome many obstacles while battling evil villains while collecting up to 16 different species.

The Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd game transports players to a land where legendary Pokémon roam free. With this portable edition, you can travel through time and enter the worlds of four Legendary Pokémon.

Using the Nintendo DS system’s wireless capabilities and built-in microphone, you’ll be able to chat with friends about your adventure when you set out to capture rare Pokémon or play with your Pokémon.

For example, you can capture a Vol beat to take the form of Rayquaza or one of the Eve Brothers: Vaporeon or Flareon.

These multiple side quests help add more depth to an already intriguing plot that offers new challenges as you explore and unravel what’s going on at the new Pokémon headquarters.

The storyline also introduces some characters from the past games and a new villain, who is determined to find the legendary Pokémon missing from the real world.


If the best sound quality is what you look for in a game, then Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd is the one to get. With the powerful Sound active Core for Console technology, this cartridge delivers exceptional sound quality without losing image quality.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd Rom by clicking here


Play the Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd game and see if you have what it takes to make an excellent team of Pokémon to battle other players in League mode.

Set up your team with TMs and HMs, train hard, and take no prisoners. There are plenty of battling opportunities out there if you play this game.

If you are up for the challenge, we recommend downloading Pokémon Ultra FireRed xd now.

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