Super Metroid Phazon: 20 New Areas To Discover

If you develop an obsession like all the others out there have, then it can say that you should play the Super Metroid Phazon game, which has become a real hit over time. It’s not as much of a hassle as you might think to get started playing it, so don’t hesitate!

Super Metroid Phazon


Super Metroid Phazon is the free fangame created by a fan for fans. It is a customizable mod of the classic Super Metroid. It features enhanced graphics and gameplay elements, new weapons, new powerups, additional challenges not found in the original game, and storyline changes that expand the Metroid universe.

Red_M0nk3y released the game on December 28, 2011.

The game features a non-linear design and includes a set of powerups and gear upgrades as part of the game. The story follows Samus as she searches for the baby Metroid. The story is set in space and ranges from various locations.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • New items and rooms
  • New enemies
  • Improved graphics
  • 20 new areas

Game Description

The Super Metroid Phazon game is an action-packed adventure that allows you to play in an energized, intense environment.

YouTube video

Explore the depths of space with Samus Aran as you battle against time and the Space Pirates.”

Super Metroid Phazon

The story has been altered and expanded upon to add new items, bosses, areas, and an all-new ending. Samus must explore the planet Zebes, discover weapons, learn powerups and overcome monstrous bosses.

Super Metroid Phazon

The fate of the Galactic Federation is in her hands!

Title Screen

The title screen of the Super Metroid Phazon game shows Super Metroid written in green letters at the top middle of the screen, with Phazon Hack added underneath. A skeleton hand on the title screen shows electrifying veins in it, looking so attractive.

Super Metroid Phazon


The Super Metroid Phazon is very good at many different resolutions and setup, though it’s not always picture-perfect or perfect looking.

Super Metroid Phazon is a high-resolution ROM hack built to be played on the PC. There are no visual tweaks, only small map edits to balance gameplay for a single-player experience.


Super Metroid Phazon is a faith-based online Super Metroid game that studies the future of humanity and our role in the universe.

As a turn-based strategy game, players take control of a human faction, research technologies, and explore the galactic map to become the dominant species in the Milky Way.

In Super Metroid Phazon, you will build ships and outposts, engage in diplomacy and espionage with other factions, research new technologies, trade resources with friends.

It features the iconic Samus Aran and her galactic adventures in the game. It is one of the most popular adventure games for video gaming fans.

The gameplay involves multiple roles for the main character Samus Aran to destroy Phaaze, which contains Phazon. This radioactive material has been destroying the entire planet at a rapid rate.

The game tells the story of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who tracks down space pirates and other criminals. The Super Metroid Phazon game is part of the Metroid series.

Samus, a bounty hunter, gets a distress call from the Galactic Federation’s research station on the planet SR388.

Armed with high-powered weapons like beam rifles, flamethrowers, and melee attacks like screw attacks and bombs, you must track down an active Metroid menace and ultimately stop Ridley.


The soundtrack is easily the best of all 3 Nintendo Metroid games, and one of the best soundtracks ever created for any medium.’


If you wish to play this game you can download the Super Metroid Phazon Rom by clicking here


It would help if you played the game because it’s hard to come by a science-fiction game that can absorb you into its interesting universe and at the same time provide you with challenging tasks. Playing can help you to develop your logic, perseverance, and memorization.

Play Super Metroid Phazon today and discover what makes it the best video game ever created.

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