Super Luigi World: 1 Special Designed Character

Are you tired of playing the boring old Bowser’s Castle games? Are you interested in trying something different? Learn why you should try Super Luigi World, a better alternative to other Mario games.

Super Luigi World


The Super Luigi World game is a side-scrolling platform game featuring Mario’s brother Luigi instead of Mario’s primary character. The game follows on from the events of Super Mario World and sees users guide Luigi in his quest to defeat Bowser and save Princess Toadstool.

The creators of Super Mario Bros. have designed completely new gameplay and storyline, which takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Luigi World is a classic Super Mario game where Luigi needs to rescue Princess Peach and Yellow Toad from Bowser and the Koopa Troop.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Special Designed Characters
  • Special Moves
  • New Attacking Systems
  • Enhanced Graphics

Game Description

In the Super Luigi World video game, Mario has been replaced with a new hero: Luigi.

YouTube video

He’s not your typical hero; he stutters and is scared, but he’s going to have to do this to save the kingdom from the Koopas.

Super Luigi World

Our Super Luigi game is a blend of skill, strategy, and luck, a game that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Super Luigi World

Super Luigi World is an old-school side-scrolling adventure game remaster of the classic Super Mario World.

Title Screen

The Super Luigi World game is the title screen of Super Mario Brothers, with increased difficulty, and the main character is Luigi, who has enhanced abilities compared to Mario.

Super Luigi World


Super Luigi World is entirely 2D and uses the three-dimensional backgrounds and graphics from New Super Mario Bros.

The bosses look awesome. They have a very distinct, realistic feel and pull the player into the game’s world.


This game puts a twist on the classic Mario franchise. Instead of playing as everyone’s favorite plumber, you play as his brother Luigi! You have a whole new world to explore with new monsters and power-ups.

Unlike other Mario games, the player gets to run in place of jumping; well, he mainly runs away from bad guys.

To complete his quest, Luigi will have to explore many different exotic locations such as deserts, snowcapped mountains, and tree-clad jungles.

Players can now experience three unique jumps: the high jump, spin jump, and backflip super jump, allowing greater control over your character than ever before.

With 180 new collectible stars scattered throughout the 12 worlds included in this action/adventure platforming game, there are plenty of challenges waiting to be conquered!

The game is divided into levels that represent different settings, such as castles and fields. Levels are completed by reaching the end of them without dying, which will end the game.

Players have access to items that let them grow or shrink and throw fireballs. As with other games in the Super Mario series, players collect gold coins as they progress through the levels; finding hidden “Star Coins” is also essential to finishing the game.

The map is navigated by free-roaming and includes hidden objects called power-ups which give the player special abilities.


The music and sound effects in Super Luigi World are high quality with clear tones and are well integrated into the game. The 8-bit sound quality makes this game super attractive for the Mario World of Nintendo games.


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Why play other regular Mario and Luigi games when you can replay one of the greatest games of all time with a new twist?

If you want to do something more productive with your time, it’s time to try Super Luigi World.

Super Luigi World is a fun platform-style game. If you like Mario games, then chances are you’ll love this one. Download it now for free!

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