Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo : New Fighting Experiencing

If you’re looking for a fun and reliable way to improve your reflexes, coordination, and motor skills, the Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo game is just for you.

Stub your toes on the coffee table too many times, and it stops being funny, after all. And aren’t your kids constantly begging for help playing Fortnite or Minecraft?

You can give them a hand and have some fun yourself with the Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo video game.

Phred's Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo


What happens when you take a regular interactive story, add some partying and role-playing elements to it, shake it all up, and put it in an alternate-history WW2 setting? You get Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo.

Experience all the adrenaline-pumping outrageousness of Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo, the newest epic game from Phred Games. Witness how Phred’s incredible games keep getting better.

Phred is back and ready for battle with over 3000 levels and a storyline better than any coming soon to a theatre near you!

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • New levels
  • Better Storyline
  • Enhanced Graphics

Game Description

Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo is the sequel to the original Phred’s Cool Punch Out that includes a faster turbo button and graphics updated for HD.

The sequel came out in April 2010. Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo is a fun, fast-paced platform fighter in Phred D.

Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo is a video game where the goal is to defeat your opponent before he defeats you with boxing attacks.

Unlike other games, in which the player usually only faces one or two bosses, Punch-Out has six fighters that the player faces at the end of each level. However, each of the six bosses has a special move that changes how you fight them. 

Phred's Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo

If you don’t want to take showers with men twice your size (and they don’t want to take showers with you), then this is the game for you!

Phred's Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo

When you play the fast-paced game Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo, you are transported to an alternate universe. You are a skinny-fat fighter descending into a wondrous world of fighting.

Title Screen

It’s a black background with the title of the game in bright blue, green, and yellow.

Phred's Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo


Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo is on a very high visual level. It’s not exactly on par with the current best-looking games out there, but it’s not all that far off either.


It’s a great game!  The makers say this about Phred’s Cool Punch-Out II Turbo: The player gets to take on six fighters of varying styles and abilities to become AAB Classic Boxing Champion. 

For instance, you can punch your way through Tinman’s defences and defeat him with one hit. Or you can use a counter-punch to do away with Tricky Ricky.

The first player to get three strikes wins in “Phred’s Cool Punch-Out II Turbo,” where you are the champion. Punch your way through eight different fighters to be the best boxer around. Play by yourself or with a friend.

So, throw the punches like the wrestler you always dreamed of being, and punch your way to victory!

In Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo, you are Phred, the professor at your college. You have been planted into a glass dome deep beneath the earth by a group of radical students rebelling against your leadership.

They have given you a simple ultimatum, pound out 10,000 words of narrative description in 30 days, or they will drop the dome into a bottomless pit. Can you survive the challenge?

In this highly addictive sequel to the original Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2, you’re transported to a university campus. They will challenge you to punch your way through a series of cartoonish levels.

Discover tons of items from the environment and unlock special abilities by Collecting coins in mini-challenges. This excellent game is part of the series that follows the journey of a young man named Rocket.

Rocket has been ripped off by some big companies that stole his ideas. And now he’s on a quest to take back what was stolen while doing business with people all over the country.

The B.R.O.’s (Big-Ring-Outa-Us) are in the house with the best boxing game ever created. Pit your skills against 10 of the toughest boxers ever to enter the ring: tiny Shifty, who changes height as he punches, Stinky Legs, who likes to kick you as he comes into range.

Monica Lewinski has a wicked left hook and 37 other excellent fighters with special moves. Defeat all 38 to be declared World Champion and join Phred’s Cool Fighter Hall of Fame.


The sound quality of the game Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo is very good. The graphics are good too and it is totally addictive.


If you wish to play this game you can download Phred’s Cool Punch Out 2 Turbo Rom by clicking here


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