Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals: 15 Fantastic Playable Characters

You shouldn’t have to live with an incomplete version of Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals, no matter how hard it is to get hold of the original game. The Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals game has a fantastic storyline, epic music, and unforgettable characters.

Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals


The highly acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VI returns! Experience the adventure that has captivated millions worldwide. Enter the world of Final Fantasy, where fantasy becomes a reality and heroes become legends!

Travel through three epochs in the game and unlock various characters and their power to change their fate. The game features an open-world experience, real-time control, a robust job system, turn-based battles, etc.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Customized New Music
  • Newley Placed Dungeons
  • About 15 playable characters
  • Attractive events
  • New Ending of the game
  • Bugs fixed
  • Improved new spells and items

Game Description

MakouEyes released this SNES ROM hack on August 2, 2011.

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The game features original character art and music, and sound effects from the original SNES release.

Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals

In this game, you will follow one of 3 main storylines, all connected. There are several scenarios to explore to unravel the secrets of the game’s story.

Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals

You’ll find traditional turn-based battles, secrets, dungeons, and towns to explore. Four years after its debut in Japan, the classic RPG is here for you to experience for the first time or relive if you’ve played before.

Title Screen

FF6 Eternal Crystals shows the words FINAL FANTASY VI and ETERNAL CRYSTALS on the screen to introduce the game with four gems of different colors.

Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals


The Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals game is presented in a classic 2-D design, with the visual presentation using a Super NES-like art style.

Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals has a good graphic quality, with minor glitches in the gameplay. The storyline is fun and enticing, and the combat runs smoothly.


The game features a relatable story and cast and customizable gameplay. The game also includes an intuitive job change system. Nearly every character has unique abilities for you to master.

Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals is a JRPG in Norvrandt, and you play as the Warrior of Light, a chosen warrior that must protect the world order.

The video game features real-time combat by using jobs and different characters to attack. The gameplay lets you explore worldwide while completing quests and fighting enemies.

Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals takes place several years after the events of Final Fantasy 3 on the continent of Wovare. Players assume the role of Fianna and her companions as they seek revenge against their enemies.

The game features real-time battles, which means you can control your party members with simple controls.

In this latest installment of the award-winning Final Fantasy series for the Super NES, Chaos, the God of Discord, has begun to wreak havoc on the land with his Four Fiends.

It’s up to a handful of warriors to save the world from destruction: Locke, the treasure hunter; Terra, the Half-Esper; Edgar, the king of Figaro; Sabin and Cyan, knights of Doma; Mog and others.

Using their special skills and magic spells in battle, they must defeat Chaos and bring an end to his evil reign.


Overall, the cd sounds great and features some of my all-time favorite songs from the series! The sound quality is fantastic, and it’s a great addition to my collection. You can turn that part off if you find it annoying or even speed up the battles.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals Rom by clicking here


The Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals game is great because it takes everything away from you. In this fantasy game, you can enjoy a game with no risk of physical pain, even if your team loses the game!

Because there are no games like this one, it’s a rare gem on the internet, nearly forgotten by fans of the game. This will be the only place where you can play it for free. Play Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals now!

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