Conker’s High Rule Tail: 5 New Worlds Dungeons To Explore

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Conker's High Rule Tail


The Conker’s High Rule Tail is the iconic Nintendo 64 game released by Rareware in 2001, featuring the squirrel Conker, who must travel through a vast world filled with difficult challenges, dangerous obstacles, and various strange enemies.

Conker’s High Rule Tail game is the sequel to Bad Fur Day and developed by Rare for Xbox. This is a crazy, funny, and addictive adventure in Conker’s world. It is unlike any other game on the market.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • New worlds and dungeons to explore
  • Bugs removed
  • Enhanced gaming experience
  • Improved gameplay

Game Description

Conker’s High Rule Tail is an action-platform video game for the Nintendo 64. The second game in the Conker video game series.

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It is a departure from the puzzle-oriented, family-friendly oriented Conker’s Pocket Tales. Instead, it features mature themes such as alcohol and tobacco use, profanity, overflowing toilets, and graphic violence.

Conker's High Rule Tail

Conker’s High Rule Tail is a game in which Conker must find his way back home to reclaim his throne after a wild night out.

Conker's High Rule Tail

As he wanders through the kingdom, he meets many strange characters who aid him on his quest, including a wind-up toy soldier, a fiddler called Tediz, and a boxing kanga-rat named Don We.

Title Screen

The title screen of Conker’s High Rule Tail shows Conker, a red squirrel wearing a pair of pants, staring at the camera from an unspecified location and holding his left hand over his face as if he is yawning.

Conker's High Rule Tail


Conker’s High Rule Tail improves Bad Fur Day, but only slightly in graphics.

The game is still delivered only in 480p resolution and without anti-aliasing. Still, some nice texture improvements, like Cork’s signature red hair design and the more intricate sandcastles found at the beach.


The game follows the story of Conker the Squirrel, a greedy, heavy-drinking red squirrel who tries to return home to his girlfriend, Berri.

A very strange little squirrel who is indeed a rather naughty fellow, Conker wants to go home, but home never feels quite the way he remembers it.

After one too many drinks, Conker’s High Rule Tail continues the adventures started in Twelve Tales: Conker 64 and takes you on a journey through a twisted world where King Scaredy Squirrel rules everything with an iron ball of yarn.

The gameplay and tone of Conker’s High Rule Tail differ significantly from that of other rare titles aimed at a younger audience, such as Donkey Kong Country. Instead of collecting items, Conker must complete challenges to progress.

Conker’s High Rule Tail game is a mysterious and intriguing story. Conker The Squirrel finds himself during his grey, boring everyday world when suddenly, he hits his head and falls violently into another world.

Now he must survive this strange new world where everything is trying to kill him. The objective is to beat the evil rabbit-like boss, General Bad guy, and save poor Berri.

The game follows the story of Conker the Squirrel, a greedy, hard-drinking red squirrel who must return home to his girlfriend.

On his way back, he encounters a large cast of characters, including three fairies, the Panther King, a megalomaniacal monarch who controls a fictional world in which the game is set.


The sound quality is good. The music and sound effects are engaging, if not realistic. The dialogue is passable but sometimes repetitive. Overall, the sound quality is what you would expect from a Saturday morning cartoon-like game.


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Whether you play alone or with friends, Conker’s High Rule Tail video game gets you into a world of one-upmanship like no other. If you want the ultimate multiplayer challenge, look at Conker’s High Rule Tail game.

Sometimes the rule is too high, but sometimes the rule is worth being broken. Conker’s High Rule Tail will give you satisfaction.

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