Super Metroid Eris 2012

Working so hard that you don’t even have time to play a video game, let alone beat one? Not anymore! Super Metroid Eris 2012 will allow you to play games while they are still being developed.

Beating Super Metroid Eris will take a lot of perseverance and dedication, so we recommend you start by playing with Super Metroid Eris 2010 first.

Super Metroid Eris 2012


Super Metroid Eris 2012 is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game features side-scrolling action and shooting, in which players are challenged to dodge flying projectiles and find their way through level mazes composed of large rooms and long corridors.

The Super Metroid Eris 2012 is a classic Japanese video game complete with classic graphics and mesmerizing graphics. This is one of the top-selling videogames of the year.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • New items and weapons
  • Enhanced music and gameplay
  • Better graphic quality

Game Description

Super Metroid Eris 2012 is a complete remake of the original Super Metroid. It features updated visuals, gameplay, the return of powerups like the Ice Beam and Speed Booster, time attack mode, and a brand-new ending, all with an expanded storyline!

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If you like action games that require skill, precision, and strategy, this game is for you. It features zero of the original game’s content and has a completely new storyline and hard difficulty level.

Super Metroid Eris 2012

As usual, she is out there to save the Galaxy from the Spreader parasite and destroy Mother Brain once and for all!

Super Metroid Eris 2012

Collect weapons equipment, and fight enemies as you find your way through the strange world of Zebes.

Title Screen

The title screen of Super Metroid Eris 2012 shows a Single planet in the night sky along with an opening monologue explaining the game’s premise and back story.

Super Metroid Eris 2012


The Super Metroid Eris 2012 game has a resolution of 16-bit. The Super Metroid Eris 2012 game’s visual effects are well-rendered, smooth gameplay.

Super Metroid Eris 2012 features a 2D platform adventure game with a side-scrolling perspective and several new features. Environments in Super Metroid Eris will be familiar to players who have played previous versions.


The storyline involves the bounty hunter Samus Aran as she embarks on a mission to find the reason for the lost connection to Aris station.

Samus Aran is on his way to find out the reason behind the lost connection of the Galactic station with Aris’s station.

Player control Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who previously defeated Mother Brain at the end of the previous mission. After a space station broadcasts the distress signal, Samus has to go and check the reason behind this game.

The opening scene begins with Samus aboard her spaceship, entering an asteroid field, attacked by Space Pirates.

The Space Pirates have other plans for the Metroid, and it’s up to Samus to stop them from using Metroid for their purposes.

When you find the Metroid creature, you’ll realize the world around you have become a frightening place to be alone. However, the world is your only ally if you continue to use advancing weapons and armor collected along your journey.

The game explores the unknown planet Eris, destroys the deadly monster, and remakes the original Super Metroid.

Now conserve and be careful with your powerups in this action-packed, pulse-pounding remake!


The sound quality of this game is exceptionally high and helps to immerse you in the gameplay.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Super Metroid Eris 2012 Rom by clicking here


Super Metroid Eris 2012 is a remake of the masterpiece Super Metroid. It features roughly the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor but with faster action-packed gameplay and better audio-visual production quality.

Play now! And work to unlock all the endings to see how your favorite characters get on in their quest to save our beloved Samus Aran from her dark nemesis, who has been corrupted by evil.

If you have played this game please let us know what you thought of the game by leaving us a comment.