Super Mario RPG Revolution: New Level 50 Character

The Super Mario RPG Revolution is one such game, a thrilling, timeless classic that has stood the test of time for over two decades now. So much so that today, it remains the best-selling role-playing game for the Nintendo 64 console.

If you’re looking for an HD remaster that brings this classic video game to life on your mobile device with new visual effects, an intuitive touch screen interface, and the ability to save your progress anywhere, then look no further than Super Mario. RPG Revolution!

Super Mario RPG Revolution


The original Super Mario RPG was created by Square and published by Nintendo in 1996. The Super Mario RPG Revolution game will pay tribute to the original game and its characters, like Bowser, Mallow, Princess Peach, Geno, and others.

The Super Mario RPG Revolution game is a groundbreaking role-playing game for the Nintendo 64 console. Sporting revolutionary turn-based real-time combat, cinematic battles, and a complex friendship system, it’s an experience unlike any other!

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • New characters level of 50
  • Modified battle scripts of bosses
  • Enhanced spells
  • Variations in dialogues
  • Weapons and enemies name changes
  • New types of spells and attacks
  • Bugs fixed in various updated versions
  • Multiple attacks of bosses’ problem resolved
  • Improved maps with many replacements of items and buildings
  • 5 different worlds
  • Exciting Challenges

Game Description

The Super Mario RPG Revolution game combines the classic side-scrolling gaming style of Super Mario Bros with a more robust and detailed RPG experience.

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Super Mario RPG Revolution

The game features a revised battle system, plot, items, spells, and locations.

Super Mario RPG Revolution

A larger proportion of cutscenes and new characters will give a more intense plotline and reduced emphasis on gameplay.

Title Screen

The Super Mario RPG Revolution title screen shows a picture of the castle with a dark background and the sword pierced upside down in the middle of the castle. The castle is on the edge of the hill.

Super Mario RPG Revolution


The graphic quality of the Super Mario RPG Revolution game is excellent. Though it is 2D, the graphics are crisp and very clear. It almost seems 3D at times.


The inhabitants of Mushroom Kingdom have invited Mario to find Smithy and end his terrorizing.

Mario will find allies to help him on his quest and fight against many enemies working under Smithy’s order. The big bad guy in this game is Smithy, a mechanical monster and the heart of this mystery.

The Super Mario RPG Revolution game places you into the role of Mario, who must save Princess Toadstool from her captors and face a new enemy known as Smithy.

Smithy creates havoc across the land with his army of monsters, and only the hammer-wielding Mario can defeat him.

Players navigate various environments in the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s evil grasp. Along with Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach, players can also recruit many different characters from across the Mushroom Kingdom!

Like most RPGs, the gameplay explores environments and fights against enemies in a turn-based system.

The game centers on Mario and his party as they seek to eliminate Smithy, a villain who steals the seven-star pieces of Star Road.

Mallow joins them in this quest, a cloud-like creature; Geno, a doll possessed by an entity of the same name; Bowser, Mario’s nemesis; and Princess Toadstool, Mario’s damsel in distress.


The sound quality is outstanding, has great sound effects, and can easily be transferred to your mixtape. Also, the music is just fine; it’s nice, more ambient than anything else, and good for background music.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Super Mario RPG Revolution Rom by clicking here


When was the last time you stopped playing Super Mario and thought, ‘man I wish there was more?’ It’s been a while, right? Well, with this most recent release of the Super Mario RPG revolution, there is much more Mario to explore in glorious HD.

Now you can turn your mobile phone into a role-playing game using your favorite Nintendo characters! You can enjoy all the adventures anytime, anywhere with no monthly fees!

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