Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized: Fun Time With 16-bit Vibrant Colors

You should play Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized that is fun platform game. With all-new items, bosses, and enemies, this game will delight fans of both old schools Nintendo games and anyone looking for an easy way into gaming.

It would be better if there were a game where you could take the character anywhere, where you could jump, walk and run without being in an expensive console.

Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized


Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized is a remake of the legendary classic game “Mario’s Amazing Adventure, ” released for the Super Nintendo SNES console.

Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized game is an action and family-friendly adventure game with amazing levels and bumpy tracks to face all of the majestic challenges.

The new and updated hack stays true to the original gameplay and storyline, but with updated graphics and soundtrack.

New Game Features

Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized game has cool features such as:

  • 20-hours game time 
  • Up to 50 lives
  • Improved graphics with vibrant colors

Game Description

Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized was released on June 24, 2016, by Superwilddude. It was also modified on August 31, 2016.

YouTube video

In Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized, a player plays the role of one of Nintendo’s most famous characters, Mario. Playing the game allows the player to go through another adventure. 

Mario's Amazing

Defeat enemies and collect coins as you journey through multiple levels across 7 richly detailed worlds.

Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized

There is a Grass Land, Desert Land, Water Land, Giant Land, Sky Land, Ice Land, and Pipe Maze, each with its special theme, all while helping the Princess.

Title Screen

The game’s title screen shows Mario standing in the center on blue and white blocks and ready to start his journey.

Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized


Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized has the best graphics. This game will offer you clear visuals.


Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized is an action-adventure role-playing game where Mario climbs all over his colorful world as he fights to save Princess Peach. 

When Princess was blown away by a gust of wind, he found himself off on a grand adventure to save the captured Princess.

This time, it’s up to Mario to save her and traverse each level in Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized game while picking up useful items such as mushrooms and flowers to help him along his way.

Through mountains, forests, and castles, he was supposed to face all manner of foes in his attempt to reach Bowser’s castle.

In Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized Mario should use his skills against cleverly designed challenges to save the Princess and return her home once more.

As Mario, the player explores the Mushroom Kingdom, jumping over obstacles and defeating enemies. The special level has blocks that form a letter r which stands for Revitalized.

In contrast, the challenge level has challenging areas to overcome throughout the level yet rewarding coins in places more difficult to reach.

The player will receive a game over in Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized when Mario has run out of time or lost all his life. Game over can also occur if Mario falls off-screen.


The first thing that will hit you when starting up Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized is the awesome music. This game had some of the best tracks you have ever heard in a fangame.


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It’s high time to experience them again in this Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized game that truly enhances your gaming experience. It is time to take Mario out of retirement. It would help if you played it to relive your childhood while fighting off those pesky Koopas. 

It is an interesting and amazing game with a classic platformer; you will relive your childhood by playing it. With a simple interface and easy-to-use controls, you are free to explore the world of Mario’s Amazing Adventure Revitalized.

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