Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest: 74 Level Hack

How long has it been since you played the Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest been? Just five minutes.

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Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest


A fun 2D game that allows gamers to play their favorite characters and defeat the opposite team, it is a racing type game that is Mario’s first appearance in the Nintendo DSi gaming console.

The best thing about Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest is the world you get to create in your imagination. Another cool thing is that you can battle with your friends or family.

The game starts easy but slowly; the enemies become difficult to dodge or defeat each stage as you move.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • All Redesigned and Enhanced Levels
  • Real HDMA Graphics Content
  • 74- Level Hack

Game Description

This game is the Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn enhanced SNES ROM hack rebooted version. Gamma V released this hack on February 26, 2015.

YouTube video

Take your game night to the next level with Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest, a fun-filled interactive game designed to connect friends and family while they play together to beat the Bowser.

Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest

Players take control of both characters as they run through levels and fight through boss battles against evil turtles.

Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest

Join Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the gang on an all-new adventure across the Kola Kingdom. Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest game is designed for people who like life-adventure games.

Title Screen

The title screen shows “Mario” and “Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest,” with a Mario standing on the block under a coin.

Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest


The graphics for this game are amazing. Everything about Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest looks great about the colors, textures, and three-dimensional environments.


The gameplay started when Mario, Luigi, and their friends were on vacation, but suddenly Bowser captured the Mushroom kingdom with his evil army. Now they must fight and defeat all of them to set free the Mushroom Kingdom.

The brothers are forced to team up with Bowser to defeat the evil duo Fawful and Cackletta, who has stolen Princess Peach’s voice. Along the way, your favorite Mario Bros. will learn new and hilarious attacks working together as a team in Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest.

Defeat Bowser, conquer the Kola Kingdom, and save Princess Peach with a little help from your friends in this fun-filled side-scrolling adventure! Play as Mario and Luigi as you storm Bowser’s Castle and catch the Kola Kingdom Princess.

Unlock an all-new side story as you travel through time and space fighting off King Boo and his minions in Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest. Challenge yourself to exciting new mini-games as you restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom in this classic Nintendo adventure.

Adventure, action, and surprises await you in the Kola Kingdom, where Mario & Luigi embark on an all-new mission. Enemies are harder, and challenges are greater, but with your help, they can obtain new abilities, save Princess Peach, and restore the kingdom!

In this fun-filled Mario game, you and your buddy Luigi can play together on the same screen with two players in co-op multiplayer mode. The game is set in the Kola Kingdom, where classic enemies like Goombas and Boos will encounter.


The sound quality is quite good, and with the volume at the halfway point, it can be quite loud.


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Play Mario and Luigi Kola Kingdom Quest were released from the multi-million-selling game makers of Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Take control of Mario and Luigi, as they have to defeat Bowser and save the Princess once again.

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