Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition: Maps Restored

Playing Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition is a good way to pass the time. I would know because I’ve been doing it for years. Agitate: But it’s not just about wasting time. It’s about spending your time wisely. And learning.

Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition


The Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition game allows players to assume the roles of a selectable cast of heroes as they explore, fight monsters, and interact with a host of characters while uncovering an engaging story in the process.

Players looking to enhance their abilities should watch for the Blue Mage, Geomancer, and Bard jobs.

Final Fantasy IV, the iconic 1991 title that revived and reinvented the Final Fantasy series, is back and rebalanced for the Nintendo DS. One of the most beloved RPGs in history comes to Nintendo DS as Final Fantasy IV: Namingway Edition, bringing all-new content, an enhanced play experience, and its first-ever 3D graphics.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Description of items added
  • Enhanced graphics
  • FFIV maps again restored
  • Improved AI system

Game Description

Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition brings you the classic fantasy role-playing game available for the first time on iPhone and iPod touch.

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Main characters Cecil, Rosa, and Kain return in this remake of one of the most memorable titles in the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition

Namingway Edition features overdrive combat, refined touch screen controls, and stunning graphics in a tale brimming with dramatic intrigue and shocking revelations.

Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition

This special edition Final Fantasy IV game is packed with extras. It includes a hardcover art book, Original Soundtrack with 15 tracks selected by the composer, Exclusive stickers, and collectible lapel pins.

Title Screen

The title screen shows the Namingway Edition logo, which features Namingway on a black background.

Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition


Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition harkens back to the Super Nintendo original, though all the beautiful 2D sprites are recreated with a high-definition makeover for mouthwatering detail.

While nostalgia is a key part of the game, Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition stays true to the visuals that have dazzled gamers since 1991.


Embark on an epic adventure as the dark knight, Cecil, in Final Fantasy IV. The first title in the series to feature the innovative Active Time Battle system engages monsters in challenging turn-based combat.

Follow Cecil as his morals are questioned and his life is jeopardized. With your friends at your side, traverse the world and challenge evil wherever you go.

And with The After Years included with all its new features and upgrades, experience even more RPG adventuring.

Experience this legendary tale of Cecil, a dark knight who embarks on a pilgrimage to atone for his sins. A sea captain and airship pilot, Cecil is an elite member of the Red Wings, a group loyal to the kingdom of Baron.

While carrying out his orders, however, he learns that the king is not what he seems…”

In this RPG, you will follow Cecil, a dark knight, on a journey to avenge his father’s death. After Cecil is tasked with destroying peaceful moon people, he questions the king’s motives and quits his knighthood.

With the help of friends and adventurers from around the world, he must now prove himself worthy of his father’s legacy.


I would describe the sound quality as great. The background music and sound effects are polished and clear; it adds to the game experience.

The classic Final Fantasy IV version, features a remastered soundtrack and new behind-the-scenes voiceover action.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition Rom by clicking here


If you love storytelling, adventure, and fantasy, then Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition has it in spades. The Final Fantasy series has a “storybook” quality that is rarely matched in any medium.

There is only one other game I can think of that even comes close, and that’s the excellent Hyper Light Drifter. And anyway, Hyper Light Drifter being even better than Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition is not saying much!

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