Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation

If you enjoy story-driven action games, then Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation is something well worth your time. Its beautiful hand-drawn animation will make you feel like a kid again in medieval times.

Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation


You probably haven’t heard of the second game in Capcom’s’ Breath of Fire series if you’re young. The game came out in 1994, a few years before I was born. People seem to forget it even exists at all.

The Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation project has fixed all the bugs and errors in the original Japanese version of the game. The script adheres closely to the original Japanese dialogue with natural-sounding English sentences.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Unique battle system
  • New bonuses
  • Enhanced graphics and original sound
  • Improved gameplay experience

Game Description

The Breath of Fire II Retranslation project is a patch for Breath of Fire II that updates and improves the game’s dialogue to make it more natural, accurate, and enjoyable.

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Breath of Fire II is the second game in the Breath of Fire series by Capcom.

Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation

It was first released on the Super Nintendo but later ported to handhelds such as the Game Boy Advance and mobile phones.

Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation

Breath of Fire 2 retranslation or “BoF2 Retro” is a fan-made project to translate an old Japanese Super Nintendo game into English while rewriting the story and fixing bugs in the original game.

Title Screen

The title screen of the Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation game is a red dragon on a black background.

Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation


Graphically, the Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation is simply amazing. The distant background tiles are sharper and more detailed. The tileset has been cleaned up and fixed.

Most buildings and characters have been redrawn to remove jaggies and graphical glitches. The menus have been redesigned with new backgrounds as well as redrawn buttons.

Many of the graphics in BOF2 were stretched, which is fixed in this patch. The entire game also runs faster than it did originally on the SNES.


It follows the story of two children (Ryu, a dragon, and Nina, a winged girl) as they attempt to prevent an evil cult from reviving an ancient warlord, who will take his revenge for his defeat hundreds of years ago.

Return to the world of Breath of Fire with this fan-favorite Super Nintendo classic RPG. Recruit and customize scores of unique party members. Travel the map, customize your character as you go, and watch your journey unfold.

The story revolves around an orphaned boy named Ryu as he seeks to help a princess named Nina, who has been cursed to turn into a monster.

The game follows his quest as he travels to many locations across the world to combat the “Dark Dragon” who was responsible for the cursing of Nina and the resurrection of the Demon King Zog, who hero must defeat before he can destroy all human life on Earth with his dark magic.

Breath of Fire 2 takes place in a world that recalls medieval Europe. The central plot is a revenge plot and involves the characters Ryu and Bow trying to defeat the mysterious Dark Dragon.

The core concept of Breath of Fire II is sacred, and thus it was not tampered with in any way. This means that the storyline is completely untouched from the original release.


Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation restores the original English voice acting and fully supports all on-screen text to enhance the gaming experience.


If you wish to play this game you can download the Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation Rom by clicking here


With a Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation fan-made overhaul, you get the experience of playing a new game but with the nostalgia and familiarity of one from your childhood.

Become Ryu, explore everything in new ways, and experience everything you saw before but better! Play Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation now!

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