Pokémon Snakewood: 7 Legendary Blade Quests

Today, there are only a handful of Pokémon games available. If you are looking for more, you should check out the Pokémon Snakewood game.

Pokémon Snakewood


The Pokémon Snakewood game is a charming adventure game in the style of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (also known as Pokémon: Explorers of Darkness on Nintendo DS).

It utilizes the same gameplay, characters, and story. Players take control of a Pokémon Trainer, exploring dungeons to collect rare stones for the Pokédex and battling wild Legendaries along the way.

The Pokémon Snakewood game is a series of matching games that are fun, addictive, and fun! It has a storyline that takes you on a journey of new matchups as you make your way through the post-storyline Pokedex.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Seven Legendary Blades Quest
  • New Quests
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Multiplayer Mode

Game Description

The Pokémon Snakewood: A Kingdom of Friends is a massively multiplayer (MMO) fantasy game. Users take to battlefields worldwide as they try to become the Imperial Champion.

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Players interact with other players and join guilds to wage their conquest wars.

Pokémon Snakewood

The Pokémon Snakewood is a role-playing videogame designed by Nintendo. The game takes place after wagePokémon Black and White events, in which Team Plasma was defeated by N, Lady Amanda, and Cyrus.

Pokémon Snakewood

Explore a beautiful world filled with challenges, puzzles, and strange creatures, while collecting items and battling trainers along your way.

Title Screen

A close-by-side comparison reveals that both versions are edited with a paint program while simply modifying the text.

The title screen says “Snakewood” in wave Japanese and “Pokémon Ruby Version” in English.

Pokémon Snakewood


The graphics of Pokémon™’s Snakewood™’s game have been specially optimized to enable an experience with a fidelity that is at least the same as current generation games on the market. That means watch out for fakes and avoid bootlegs.


The storyline follows the Pokémon tale of Ash Ketchum, who starts as a young inexperienced Pokémon Trainer. He is joined by Pikachu and ends up in the world of Mahogany Town.

There, he meets various characters, including Team Rocket, who are also trying to capture all the Dragon-type Pokémon.

The storyline will take you through several events and encounters with popular characters from the Pokémon Anime series like Professor Oak and Team Rocket and befriending fellow trainers along the way to help them catch their very own Dragon-type Pokémon!

This time, it uses a bedtime story format to introduce its new adventures through the Pokémon Snakewood. Ash meets an adventurous hedgehog snake who uses magical rings to transport travelers through the woods.

As a recruit for Team Snakewood, players embark on their quest to collect the seven legendary blades from the heart of Oceania and restore balance to the Air Deck.

This game will take you on an adventure through time and space with three difficulty settings featuring six different boss battles, a mesmerizing orchestral score, and remixed classical Pokémon music and sound effects.


The sound quality of the Pokémon Snakewood game is intense, so you’ll want to play it on something powerful enough to handle it.

It has an immersive, surround-sound feel, particularly at higher volumes, and a vibrant sound that truly brings the world to life.


If you wish to play this game, you can download the Pokémon Snakewood Rom by clicking here


The mysterious Pokémon Snakewood is on the side of the road. You see, when you’re playing the exciting Pokémon Snakewood game, there is mystery snakewood in your path.

As you walk along, you find out that the mysterious Pokémon Snakewood may be a friend or an enemy! Which is it? The only problem is if you have no idea which. All you know is that if you’re going to catch this elusive Pokémon, it’s about time to pick up your game.

No matter which type of Pokémon appears, they all share common traits-they’re all brutal little ground slugs. So, get ready to battle some formidable enemies while playing the thrilling Pokémon Snakewood game!

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