Metroid Spooky Mission: New Levels

You are a hardcore gamer, and you expect a lot from the games you play. The Metroid Spooky Mission game is far too difficult for you.

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Metroid Spooky Mission

The Metroid Spooky Mission game is an entertaining experience for one player. The game gives the player the task of defeating Ridley, Kracko, Bowser, Meowser, and King Dedede to rescue Kirby from the clutches of Kirby Nightmare.

Unlike most other Metroid games, Spooky Mission is a fun and unique game in this exciting series. It features a wide variety of new weapons, armor upgrades, and all-new enemies.

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • New Music
  • New Monsters
  • Enhanced Graphics and smooth gameplay
  • New Levels

Game Description

The Metroid Spooky Mission game has two fun modes. Kids will love the Spooky mode, a real challenge with a time limit in which they must find all Samus’s friends and finish the level before time runs out.

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For your peace of mind, parents can activate Soothing mode to make sure their adventure is safe. This mode doesn’t have a time limit.

Metroid Spooky Mission

Metroid Spooky Mission is a game where you create a team of 4 ghosts (you can choose any spirit) to venture out into the world, defeat enemies and bosses, and collect loot.

Metroid Spooky Mission

The spooky star of this Halloween-inspired game is a baddie-busting, treasure-hunting Metroid, one of the many strange organisms that inhabit the depths of planet Zebes.

Title Screen

Metroid Spooky Mission is the perfect game for a scary Halloween. This Spooky Mission game is not just for Halloween but for school plays, costume parties, and much more.

Metroid Spooky Mission


The graphics of the Metroid Spooky Mission game are around the same quality as other games for the NES, but some of the cut-scenes and creature animations are relatively poor next to what’s presented from The Legend of Zelda.


The gameplay is accessible to newcomers while providing a solid challenge to even veteran players, who are rewarded with an extra twist to the story once they’ve completed the game.

Metroid Spooky Mission is the sequel to Metroid: Haunted Mission and continues the story of Samus Aran’s adventures on the planet Octhi.

She has found the planet’s ruins empty, but what are these three doors she finds? What lies behind them? Samus will soon find out.

Players choose their missions and load them into Samus! Roll the die and move along your mission pat collect energy capsules and get to the end of your mission first!

Be careful not to roll too many Black Holes, or you could be sent back to the beginning. Collect enough energy capsules or finish 5 missions first and win!

A mysterious ghost-like figure is terrorizing the people of the Gaming industries, making the haunted night even more spooky than before

The Metroid Spooky Mission game has all the ingredients that make a good scary movie dark cellars and dungeons, abandoned houses, an old farm, a haunted castle, and much more.

It would be best if you explored multiple rooms to find the eleven missing stars while trying to escape from various hideous creatures. You can use several objects found during your search to protect yourself from the deadly claws.

She has been given the mission to look for eight Space Pirates who have stolen samples of Metroid’s cold-blooded energy parasites capable of sucking the life force out of any living creature.

If her mission is not successful, she won’t be able to stop the Pirates from replicating millions of Metroid’s and killing every living thing in their path.


Check out Metroid Spooky Mission, a game with classic sound quality and a great feel that’s perfect for anyone to play.

The Metroid Spooky Mission’s sound effects are timeless. They work just as well in a jam band or a noise-rock group.


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