Alien 3 – Kinoppi Version

Alien 3 – Kinoppi Version is a fan-inspired rework of the mechanics of the Sega Megadrive game Alien 3.

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4/5 (1)
Shooter Platformer
Sega Megadrive
04 November 2018
Single Player


Below is a youtube video of Alien 3 – Kinoppi Version

YouTube video

New Game Features

This game has the following new features

  • Unlimited Timer
  • Radar No Longer Needs Batteries
  • Health Packs Fully Restore
  • Adjustments To Ammunition Capacity
  • Minor Text Changes

Game Description

Coined as the Kinoppi Version, this alternation to the classic Alien 3 game removes the ever present nuisance that is the games level timer and improves on a handful of other gameplay mechanics in order to enhance the gameplay experience overall and lean the game toward a more “casual” experience.

Adjustments made to elements such as the health benefit of Health Packs alleviates a degree of dread the player may go through and removing the need for batteries puts an end to what could turn out to be a frantic search for resources.

The developer has tweeked ammo capacity for all difficulty levels, providing more for lower difficulties and vice versa.

Take the game at a leisurely stroll and learn how best to deal with the many challenges presented. Ideal for anyone who does not enjoy constantly playing a pseudo time-attack mode.


Alien 3 - Kinoppi Version RatingSo is this game worth a try? This proved some substantial alterations to the core gameplay experience which can take away some of the more challenging aspects of the game; however, it could be argued that all the changes only help the game be truly enjoyable rather than stress inducing. Definitely a must for those looking to have a more calm experience.

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